I prefer hyper, shaky and anxious


New question. I started cutting out gluten and sugar for on Saturday and went from completely washed out and exhausted, to feeling restless, anxious and hyper on Monday. Good thing, I got to catch up on a lot of things that had to wait while I was surviving on the couch. Today, less energy (which I expected because I was completely hyperactive yesterday and did a lot of housework) but muscles feel “itchy” and shaky. I prefer hyper, shaky and anxious to being hardly alive lol. Just unsure what to make of it all.

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  1. I am day two of paleo and also super energetic. It feels amazing!! Now you got me worried about crashing tomorrow lol. Did you get enough sleep last night to allow your muscles to rejuvenate? If your used to mental tired from hashi perhaps your not used to tired muscles from an intense workout? For someone who didn’t do allot then suddenly doing lots may cause sore tired muscles. I remember working out and my muscles would itch and tingle the day after.

  2. So glad to hear! I didn’t really believe all this gluten stuff, but tries it because I am starting to learn that medical treatment isn’t a silver billet. Don’t worry, I am not crashing today. I overdid it yesterday and knew it, but I wanted to get stuff done just in case I went back to couch lady today!

  3. What kind of gluten free products do you get that aren’t loaded with sugar?

  4. I’m glad to hear this. My daughter is 7, and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and I’ve been researching “diet” changes for her. I have MS and have already cut out gluten and decreased dairy.

  5. I am so new at this that I have no recommendations. But I have noticed that a lot of the gluten free items have sugar.

  6. I am on paleo diet. No medication thought since my dr doesn’t know what is wrong with me. I have been having pain under my left rib and neck pain.\nFrom what I read you will feel like crap for few days but then your body got used to your diet and you will start feeling better 🙂

  7. I am still trying to figure it out. I really don’t want to cut out yoghurt. And I am vegetarian. And I still. Need the morning coffee, but cutting out sugar is big for me and I feel really good about it. Trying to remember to take baby steps.

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