I quit supplementing with iron a few months back


I’m so confused with my new lab results. I quit supplementing with iron a few months back and have just been either taking grass fed beef liver or Perfect brand desiccated liver capsules each day. I take digestive enzymes with meals, eat beef regularly and take vitamin C with the liver. My Ferritin went from 24 in June to 7 in September. Any ideas?

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  1. How are your monthly periods ? Monthly bleeds can drop Ferritin accdg. to how much the bleed is.

  2. Yes, that is an issue. (Sorry, men.) I have Hashimoto's and am still trying to get optimal on thyroid medication. When I was taking PurAbsorb liquid iron my Ferritin was consistenly in the 20's. I quit taking iron and switched to liver and vitamin C per Morley's teaching. Just wondering if I should start the PurAbsorb again.

  3. apparently worrying about periods unless they are very heavy is a red herring – there was a research article on undiagnosed stuff for women. That said, I"m not sure what your issue is. Do you want to post the whole lot of results?

  4. Try taking apple cider vinegar (Braggs) 1Tbsp in water or juice. when your period starts. This could/ would slow down your bleeds, take it only during those days of the month. My daughter's Ferritin from around 132 dropped to 32 right after her period. So it could drop that low. Ferritin would then be up and down and it could be up if your blood draw was before your cycle. Morley said that Potassium is in ACV, so increase your potassium intake as hypothyroids need that. Carrot juice 600 mg per c. tomato juice 600 mg per c. Banana 450 each, potato 1000 mg . Pay attention to how much Pot you are getting per day. 4700 mg is our daily need, it's hard to get up to..

  5. Aluminum toxicity causes anemia. Get tested, or you can take silicon (horsetail) daily. Are you also diabetic? Diabetes is a symptom of aluminum toxicity.

  6. Dr are clueless never to ask this question. I catch low levels actually from blood taken a week after period.

  7. I had to get these over the phone and will pick up the rest on Monday.

    Vit D 25: 55
    Vit D 1,25: 42
    B12: 811
    Ferritin: 7
    Total Iron: 26
    TIBC: 364
    Saturation: 7%

  8. Check for pathogens and virus. Unless you are a heavy bleeder and taken during or few days after menstruation

  9. um, the lining is laid down before it is shed. So this is part of the fallacy.

  10. Ferrtin levels taken a week before peroid and week after go from 75 to 25. Provide clinical explaination seen multiple times in females.

  11. OK, sounds quite plausible but still care needs to be taken regarding not assuming cause when it is correlation. Magnesium jumps all over the place during the cycle also.

  12. Ferritin and RBC magnesium are to separate due to mode of storage and function. Mag serum yes. Rbc magnesium stay constant from clinical testing at different times.

  13. Hopefully she can rule out other causes. I would like to know the cofactors for ferritin?

  14. If you need to raise iron Mega Foods Blood Builder supplement is a good one. My heavy cycle had my ferritin at 3, iron at 33. So I'm taking Blood Builder and liver pills.

  15. These were taken on day 8 of my cycle, so yes, I had heavy bleeding for 5 days prior to blood draw. I do have EBV and blastocystis hominous, the latter which I'm treating with Sacchoromyces boullardi.

  16. Double edge sword with iron. Proper addressing a functtional thyroid deficiency also raises iron

  17. Sean Dean, what creates thyroid deficiency?

  18. Low iron is one cause of thyroid deficiency. Thyroid deficiency on the other hand could also be a cause of low iron. The case of the chicken or the egg. Hypothyroids tend to have impeded digestion from lowered acidity causes low absorption of iron and other minerals from food ,

  19. Edna I guess we have to start fixing the iron

  20. Fix the person and that is part of the equation.

  21. I do take digestive enzymes with HCL/pepsin with my meals to try to improve absorption.

  22. low iron is common with blasto.

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