I read you can get help of NHS is this true?


Hi all… advice please
I was diagnosed as celiac yesterday and don’t have a clue about GF Foods.
Also omg the price of GF food. I read you can get help of NHS is this true?

Also do you put weight on with GF because doctor seemed to say I will
Thank you

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  1. GF boxed foods are filled with junk. Just read the massive ingredients list on a lot of things. Many companies have have to add extra ingredients, including sugar, to make stuff taste good. I find that a lot of times I have worse allergic reactions to the GF stuff than I do to just eating gluten itself. It's going to seem hard at first but it's best if you just stay away from boxed GF stuff. If you want pasta I have found GF Barilla noodles to taste the best with the least ingredients.

    If you are having severe reactions have you looked at the GAPS Diet to try for a bit? Good luck!

  2. Hi. I have recently found out myself and am on the dairy and gluten free diet journey. I have found these ingredients to be super helpful with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
    – coconut milk (replacing cow milk. Almond with vanilla is good.
    – coconut oil (for cooking)
    – zenzu cheese (closest thing I could find that taste anything like normal cheese). I find the angel food cheese taste yuck (me personally).
    – Dark choc (for the sweet tooth replacement)
    – raw granola for breakfast is good
    – roast vegetables are life. I have also brought utensils such as a spegetti cutter to replace pasta ie. using corgettes
    – gf pizza bases are good
    – naked homemade burritos are good with brown rice and salsa
    – aioli is dairy + gluten free (I never knew)
    – corn chips are life
    A lot of the stuff mentioned above are high in sugar. But, you'll find your way and balance. It's been 2 months and I have had to question things on the menu when eating out. I have found it easier to identify things I think can be made gf and df and alter it from there. Hopefully this helps. Good luck. Ps – the products above as NZ products.

  3. My son gained weight like mad at first….good he was scrawny! Because he was finally absorbing nutrients. He was anemic and low in all sorts of nutrients and was fine sitting 12 months. His rate of weight gain slowed over the years to normal (he is now a 6 foot tall teenager so weight gain is still a good thing). I on the other hand lost weight.

  4. I mostly end up just eating Low carb, natural food. It's less expensive that way. The boxed food is crazy expensive. You can settle a sweet tooth with homemade treats. You can find rice flour, teff, buckwheat in an ethnic food store. You can buy the xanthan gum or guar gum, as well as tapioca starch on Amazon. So make your flour 75%flours mixed and 25% starch. For every 3 cups flour add 2 teaspoon xanthan gum. Then you can make your muffins/ quick bread. Ps. These need more sugar than you'd normally use, and more liquid. I don't have recipe, I'm just adjusting my pre-existing recipes to gluten free. There are lots of recipes out there, don't feel like you have tho have every single different/ exotic ingredient they suggest. Good luck

  5. See if there is a gluten free group that meets in your area. My mother has been celiac for 50 years

  6. One shouldn't be gaining weight on a gluten free diet but this goes for any diet if you are eating too many sweets and things that make you fat you will gain weight. Plus too much protein the body stores it as fat.

  7. Thank you all so so much for your help and advice xxx

  8. I agree with Ruth, one should not gain weight being GF. I lost 15 pounds the 4 months i went GF/DF and have felt great ever since. I do not have celiac. Try eating more fruits, veggies, quinoa, fish and lean meats. I have the junk foods in the GF/DF sections and have discovered I only need every now and then. Too much junk food and my body starts reacting. It will be hard and over whelming, eventually you get used to it and realize the journey was worth it. Good luck.

  9. Start by looking in the natural section in your grocery store! Larabars, rice crisps by quaker, crunchmaster crackers, fruit leathers (sound gross but they are good!) are all good snacks to try. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. You could try zucchini noodles and squash noodles, if you like those, mix it with veggies or a marinara sauce. If you are a sandwich person, use lettuce to 'wrap' your sandwich instead of bread. Pinterest and just looking up gluten-free recipes on google will give you good dinner ideas.

  10. I lost 70lbs after I went gf so your dr might be making assumptions. Lol
    But my husband went gf and he didn't lose anything. Everyone's different. Maybe I lost the weight because I have an intolerance rather than an allergy.

    I try to stick to plant based as much as I can. I have other illnesses that have limited my diet even more but for the most part, plant based is safest. But there are a lot of good gf products out there to help you. I get a lot of stuff at Costco. Read the labels. My hubby brought home “veggie tots” the other day. I read the ingredients and it had the three thing I couldn't have…milk, soy and wheat.

  11. Sometimes weight gain is from thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid autoimmune diseases are very common with Celiac disease. Not being optimally treated for thyroid can cause weight and other issues. http://Www.stopthethyroidmadness.com has great info

  12. Hi Rooney Jane, I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. On the other hand, it's just a label for what is wrong with your body and that is the knowledge you need to heal and feel better. You are right, gluten-free groceries are expensive. This is why I've work so hard to develop gluten-free homemade recipes to help control our food budget–and to please my wheat loving husband, who can't tell the difference between my gluten-free home cooking and his favorite wheat-based recipes. To help folks with Celiac Disease, Wheat Allergies (that's me), Gluten Intolerance (that's me) and Gluten Sensitivity, have a better start than I did when I was first diagnosed decades ago, I publish my recipes online at GlutenFreeHomemade.com. Right now I am in the process of adding volume metric measurements to meet the needs of folks outside the USA. Let me know if you need me to add conversions to a recipe you wish to try. I hope this helps make life a bit easier for you. Kindest regards, Cat https://www.glutenfreehomemade.com/

  13. Try to change your diet so you not eating so much grain. Cuts cost, improves your health. Will also experience less food cravings

  14. If just buy veggies a meat, without it being premade, it's much cheaper. There's lots of recipes in here if you scroll! 🙂

  15. If you bought all boxed stuff to eat then you would gain weight, same as someone on a reg diet lol, but i think you will be ok. Just stick to the basics and avoid the over priced stuff. I only buy it once in a great while because it is not budget friendly at all. Meat, fruit, veggies, fats and you will be okay.

  16. Some people who go gf think that eating cookies and cakes and white flours instead of wholegrain will magically become healthy if you eat gf- those people do tend to gain weight. If you eat healthy foods that are also gf and don't irritate your body, then you will likely lose weight.

  17. In Australia San Remo have just realised a range of gluten free pasta that is made of pulses. Its fantastic, higher in orotien and nutritionally much better for you. If you find you avoid protein and carbs due to the gf tasting different or whatever, I've found this brilliant. Its not the cheapest, but the healthiest I've found without compromising taste.

  18. No help from NHS now government cuts it costs me a fortune for GARY food been on it 20 years plus.

  19. Just do veggies fruits and heathy meats for 30 days. Those are not expensive. No box or bagged food. You will loose weight feel great and no have to worry about buying boxes GF.

  20. You can do gluten free with out using all the replacement products, which ARE very expensive, I think if you do fresh food and avoid processed products you probably won't gain as long as you keep your macros balanced ( protein, fat, carbs) and carbs under control . The hardest thing I found with gf is that it's hidden everywhere. In caramel coloring, malted items.. the list is terribly long, which is just another reason to stick to unadulterated food – fresh veggies, lean protein, while carbs. It can be overwhelming- 🙁

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