I saw my new GP today


Hello. I saw my new GP today. She is lovely and she did listen to me. She referred me to a GI for an endoscopy for celiac and also a nutritionist. Very grateful.

I have anxiety. I have never gone under anesthesia I would really like positive comments on having an endoscopy done. I fear being allergic to anesthesia and never walking up and waking up with a tube down my throat and panicking. Please tell me about yoru experience. . .

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  1. The endoscopy is a piece of cake. You will do great!

  2. Hello, Emma. =) I have anxiety also. My endoscopy was on 08 June and it was completely uneventful and went quite well, really.. The worst part by far was the waiting. Once I had the anesthesia, I remember relaxing and the next thing I remember was waking up at home, in my own bed, feeling just fine. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease (prelim diagnosis from the visually observed damage during my scope and then confirmed/graded as 3c level via pathology report from the biopsies obtained during the scope). I know you will get through it just fine but if you need support we are here for you.

  3. Paula Schlotterbeck thank you. anxiety stinks lol Did you have to est gluten before you went for it?

  4. An endoscopy is so easy. Don’t worry about it. I had about 15 of them. We always overthink a test. Even a colonoscopy is ok after the prep!

  5. Sue Gates wow 15 you are a pro lol. I over thought this dr visit today and it went well lol

  6. Be prepared to take a day off. I was so out of it the next day- nothing got done.

  7. It’s not bad, no problem for me

  8. I had two and no problems…..

  9. i had mine done in the hospital the day after i came to the er. it was referred to as surgery and i was scared, but it went well. the doc put medicine in my iv and a device in my mouth and the next thing i knew i was waking up in recovery 🙂

  10. It will be the best nap you will ever have! Seriously!

  11. Not a problem for me – and no prep!

  12. Are you sure they will use general anesthesia rather than a sedative? Sedatives are much easier on your system.

  13. I have been under many times. Very easy. No problems. Let them know you are anxious.

  14. I had to ask for enough to be totally asleep and not for a twilight sleep where u may hear and feel stuff-that scared me

  15. You will be fine,I have been under many many times. Best of luck to you!

  16. I was really scared to. They even had to give me something before they took me back to the ER to call me down but Everything went well. Quick and painless. No need to stress!

  17. I was totally fine and enjoyed my “nap”. I’ve had it done several times with no issues. They can give you a mild sedative right before to keep you calm and relaxed. By the way, I developed anxiety issues a few years prior to diagnosis. When I went GF, my anxiety went away after a several months. Just thought I give you some words of encouragement.

  18. It is not bad. You will be ok

  19. Thank you for asking this. I have severe anxiety disorder and am terrified. They are doing a gastroscopy and colonoscopy at the same time for me. I have the exact fears you have. I’m also afraid of the prep drinks. What if I have horrible pains? Do i go to the er or is it just the prep drinks? What if I throw it up? Etc etc.

    When is your endoscopy date? Mine is September 13th.

  20. I prefer anesthesia to the feeling of being awake for a procedure

  21. I loved my endoscopy experience. Best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Woke up. Nurse asked me How I felt. “I feel great,” I said. And meant it! Don’t fret. This is an easy test. You even get to keep your pants and shoes on. I like That!

  22. Had both endoscopy and colonoscopy. They put you in a what they called a “twilight sleep”. Woke up and the only thing I felt was a dry throat and they gave me ice chips to chew on. Then I went out to lunch with the person that drove me and I was fine. You can do it !!! I feel the prep work was worse than the test itself.

  23. Can I go back and do it again just for the nap? J/k but really, easy peasy.

  24. Routine diagnostics, very safe, very low risks. Praying for you and sending you ((Big HUGS))

  25. The anesthesia they use for this is just something that makes you forget what happened. You are actually breathing on your own and can cooperate with them during. You just don’t remember

  26. I had it few times too. They give something ( medicine) u think u r asleep but awake really ! But this medicine she’s u feel like ur fully sleeping and no not remember anything ! Was there with my older daughter while it was done bcos she was scared but the prof knew my real well and allowed me t to watch everything n hold my girls hand ! No need to stress I promise you!!

  27. Bum will b sore but use betadine to heal it within hours !

  28. I choose not to do it …

  29. I have anxiety too and was very anxious. Ask what’s the worst that could happen and work through that. Is it full anesthesia? Usually it’s the less strong anesthesia where you’re still awake, you just don’t remember. If you have an allergic reaction, they are prepared to deal with that and will make sure you’re okay. It’s a simple procedure with very little risk. You won’t even know it happened. You’ll just feel like you’ve been taking a very deep nap. Practice some good breathing exercises, tell them you’re anxious. They can help you if you’re feeling anxious. Usually they are great at talking you through and easing your anxiety.

  30. Okay well are you allergic to eggs ? Because regular anesthesia is has eggs in …I also have anxiety and the first time I went under I had to get a different form of anesthesia

  31. Take the day off, and have someone who can drive you home, the actual procedure you wont remember, i had the Colonoscopy and Endoscopy done at the same time, and the last thing i remember was telling the Doc to “do the top first, i dont want to have a bad taste in my mouth” and then i was waking up a few hours later. The doc still busts my chops about that, lol

  32. I was nervous in the same way. And completely relieved when everything went well. The anesthesia is a very light one and unlikely to harm you.

  33. Have a long talk with the anesthesiologist to make sure he knows your concerns and your anxiety.

  34. Pray for peace. It’s a piece of cake. (GF cake lol)

  35. It’ll be done and over with quick. You’ll wake up and not even realize it has already been done, especially if you remember the time before you were “knocked out “

  36. It will be fine. People do this every day and complications are rare. Don’t worry about what you cannot control…it’s a waste of energy. Look at the bright side…you get to take a nap in the middle of the day with sleepy juice and you will be one step closer to a diagnosis/treatment plan.

  37. I had one a week ago. I’m a wimp for any medical procedure and I was fine with it. I’m a stay at home mom, so I even enjoyed getting a good “nap”

  38. If you have anxiety, ask for some laughing gas to help relax you. I had a very sweet nurse with mine when I had it done last month. After the anesthesia, I felt pretty good. Your throat may be a little sore after but during the procedure, you are sound asleep. 🙂

  39. I had sedation which I was mildly awake for. All I remember is I was in a really dreamy State. It’s not very bad like true anesthetics. I was worried just like you though. you’ll be okay

  40. My daughter was 13yrs old when she had a scope it was hard cuz she is also scared of needles but they gave a little gas to relax her to just to run Iv and get blood but after all was done she said “mommy that wasn’t to bad at all everyone is so nice to me then we both laugh but you will do just find no worries!!

  41. I’m a life long anxiety sufferer who had a phobia to needles. This is a very simple procedure. You will be fine. Think of the outcome, knowing you will know if you are celiac or not is well worth it.

  42. They use what is called twilight sleep not full anesthesia say if you were having a surgery. You recover from your nap quickly.

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