I saw on here that statins cause memory loss


I saw on here that statins cause memory loss. Trying to help my dad get off them. What can we do naturally for cholesterol and how quickly can I wean him off the med?

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  1. Diet (low carb), lifestyle, red yeast rice, CoQ10 (ubiquinol is more bioavailable) and magnesium. Start there!

  2. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, green tea, apple cider vinegar and WATER!!!

  3. Red yeast rice IS a statin!!

  4. Yes, found out the hard way! Avocado better.

  5. Morley addresses how copper dysregulation relates to high total cholesterol in his two-part podcast with Wendy Myers http://liveto110.com/90-most-health-issues-stem-from-copper-dysregulation-part-1-with-morley-robbins/

  6. What's the name of the group on here going off statins

  7. Please have your dad read Dr. Graveline's information on the dangers of statins (he is a former astronaut) http://www.spacedoc.com

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  9. you all are great I downloaded the one book for kindle wow these sites are great! wish I could shove it in my drs face!!!

  10. Yes, check copper, mag! Also avoid vaccines (Mercury/aluminum, etc). Use coconut oil, a Stress reduction program. Liver detox, no GMOs/no RoundUp chemicals, eat Organic wheat/grains, veggies/beans only & esp. with meat/dairy if he eats animal products!

  11. coconut oil is amazing! great for many things

  12. PLANT based diet walking drinking water and the rest . Magnesium oil. Vitamin b6b complex and niacin Himalayan pink salt instead of white salt and manage stress

  13. walking in this cold is too hard on my bones. I have to wait til it warms up. But I do park farther away from stores so I have to walk to get there 🙂

  14. Garlic oil gels and Fish oil have kept my Cholesterol reasonable. The total number is a bit higher than their CURRENT BS guidelines. But my Trigl # is good, my HDL is good and my ratio is good. And Statins totally screwed up my Brother. So I will never take that cruddy stuff.

  15. interesting I never heard of Garlic oil gels! I take Krill oil and Niacin but according to above articles high chol. is good

  16. damn dr threatened me!!!

  17. There are 2 scenarios where people have high cholesterol levels: genetics and lots of adipose tissue. If its primarily genetic, there is not an association with higher risk of cardiovascular disease often needs no management. If it's from adipose tissue, avoiding sugar/wheat is probably #1 and the cholesterol numbers should be viewed as a marker of lifestyle success rather than an independent risk factor that needs to be medicated.

  18. Yea and he probably put in your medical chart that your non compliant. BS

  19. Dana Lynn if you get the name of the group going off statins please let me know. In think this is what is causing occasional cramping in my feet, lower legs, knee to groin. It is painful.

  20. Imani Teferess

  21. I saw it somewhere..I will keep looking Mae

  22. My husband's cholesterol was 250 last July and he started using Black Seed Oil and in January 205. No others changes in his habits in the meantime. Also used it directly on his psoraisis and helped that as well. http://www.lef.org/Magazine/2013/1/What-Doctors-Dont-Know-about-Inflammation/Page-02

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  24. Geneva Mock
    Is right on..every code we did on patients. .Magnesium is 1 or the 2 first drugs pts got IV when asystoly and in cardiac arrest. MAGNESIUM supps were what got my body finally back into more of a homeostasis. .I guess it was a huge part actually. .I had to be deficient ..same Symptoms! Cortisol utilizes Mg+ quicker !

  25. Thanks Dana Lynn

  26. Organic coconut oil and cinnamon brought mine down. Giving up gluten definitely is in the mix

  27. I cook with coconut oil how do you use in Jaynie?

  28. You can cook with it, put it on toast, skin, teeth! I add a Vit E cap 3drops lavender /3sandalwood(in oil) – mix, then keep in a cool cabinet. Great under eye cream! There are deodorant recipes too.

  29. Ellen Farrell, I LOVE essential oils. Especially, good quality, lavender and sandalwood! Love those in my Epsom salt bath!

  30. I make that eye cream in an old bare minerals container. It works as well as store bought expensive natural products. Easy to make.

  31. Cholesterol is NOT the enemy! Statins are…..read about it, please! Google is your friend. This is one of many: http://chriskresser.com/cholesterol-doesnt-cause-heart-disease

  32. LOL, I've got LOTS of containers from mineral makeups that didn't work out for me (I finally had to come to the conclusion that mineral makeup just isn't for me, my skin is way too dry) Ellen Farrell. Do you make your own facial moisturizer too? I can't use vitamin E caps excepting that they are non wheat based. Makes me break out in awful rash.

  33. Leslie Ridenour – get DEVA Vitamin E – it's non GMO and has no says Free of soy, wheat, gluten, etc…. – and its vegan.

  34. Ive found DEVA and Life Extension brands to be very clean. most New Chapter as well.

  35. Oh thanks Ellen Farrell! What do you use for facial moisturizer. I just turned 55 last week and obsessed about being older LOL!

  36. Just the eye cream that I make. Sometimes Dr. Hauschka Day oil or Melissa cream. I'm 53 – if you have dry skin, Hauschka has some more moisturizing options which in cold winter temps may be needed.

  37. You're 55 years young. Put your energy into being happy, finding what gives you joy. ️

  38. LOL, I know you're right . . . Sigh.

  39. High cholesterol is a made up disease. Evil Big Pharma invented the disease after discovering red yeast rice and how it can lower cholesterol. They took RYR, changed one molecule in it so that it would become patentable and called their scam invention, statins. Stop falling into the trap of trying to lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is not the direct cause of heart disease. It is a risk factor along with 200 other risk factors. The real cause of heart disease is SUGAR. Sugar inflammes the arteries causing the body to patch up the inflammed site with cholesterol. In other words, the body uses cholesterol to save your life. Eliminate sugar and all wheat products and let our bodies regulate the cholesterol that we need on its own. The more we tamper with our cholesterol by lowering it, the more we jeopardize all the body systems that depend upon cholesterol to keep us alive.

  40. ^^^ Not to mention the fact that back before the TSH test, high Cholesterol was diagnostic of Hypothyroid, NOT heart issues. It's all about the money. If they don't treat the thyroid issues, they have plenty of other things to treat with their expensive drugs that are more likely to cause more issues than fix anything.

  41. Read about olive leaf, standardized extract/caps. L-Arginine! Copper/zinc/Mag!!!

  42. Carol Knapp, omg, I had no idea that high cholesterol was indicative of thyroid disease. It's a LONG, exhausting saga but years ago, my daughter had high cholesterol! It took from age 14 to 24 (skipping all the doctors and wrong tests in between) to finally be diagnosed with PCOS and Hashimoto's thyroiditis!

  43. Yes it is! Lvls need to be optimal not just normal

  44. High cholesterol was an indicator not the cause of thyroid problems. Again cholesterol is very essential to keeping us alive.

  45. Teresa Moretti Sherry

  46. Yes, indicator of hypo, not cause. I wasn't clear on that.

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