I somehow glutened myself tonight


I somehow glutened myself tonight. Found out if I do I get a rash on my stomach. This has happened once before. Could this possibly been from last night at work breathing in flour? If not then I somehow did my wash my hands well enough or something today. I noticed it started happening when cleaning the cat litter boxes out. I could smell the powder from it from a room away. But I think we used paws brand this time. I thought most liter was safe. I just started getting really weak and felt kind of sick, little anxious and boom, a rash. 🙁 I quit my job today. I can’t take any chances. Sorry to vent/ask questions so often. I’m just so careful

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  1. So breathing flour can cause a reaction. I was told to stay out of all bakeries. But o was told some cat litters have wheat on them.

  2. I’ve been working at an animal shelter for 17 years now it’s hard to imagine doing anything else.

    We almost always use plain clay litter at work. There are a few brand with wheat in them. I don’t have to wash litter boxes anymore because we went to all disposable boxes for disease control. I use dish my own personal dish washing gloves when washing bowls. I think peanut issues would be worse because of the dog threats.

    I do use grain free treats in my treat pouch so I’m not touching gluten food, and always use gloves when touching cats, both for disease control and because cats lick themselves spreading gluten on their fur from their food.

    Always remember to check gloves to I just all vinyl non powdered. Some people have issues with latex and I’ve even seen oat powdered gloves.

    I hope you are able to return to working with animals at some point.

  3. Yes. It is from breathing flour. The sinuses are mucus membranes that are the first line defense for the body. The autoimmune system has access to and actively defends against attackers right there.
    The sinuses drain directly to the stomach as well.

  4. I hope you feel better today

  5. Wheat? Used in litter?? Did I read that correctly above? I wonder if the Fresh Step I’m using has that I will have to check! My poor daughter has horrible wheat allergies along with gluten and dairy and the cat is all over this house and goes in our bed a lot. And of course stepping in a litter and all over the house that could be contaminating things. I’m going to look into that!

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