I started taking Levothyroxin about a month ago.


Hey everyone. I started taking Levothyroxin about a month ago. Has this medication messed with anyone else’s menstrual cycle?

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  1. it’s hypothyroidism (which is why you need the meds) that is what is doing that…plus, possibly, oestrogen dominance, which is why I used natural progesterone cream pre-menopause, to balance the female hormones .

  2. research what hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s does to menstrual cycle – I am surprised when people don’t know the symptoms, as that is basic – so much medical info, available online – before asking questions in a Group (which can be from opinion only).
    Here’s a good source
    Thyroid UK

  3. Thanks. The Dr thinks I’ve had Hashimotos for years. But just recently got diagnosed. I’ve never had problems with my menstrual cycle till I started this medication.

  4. It’s the Hashimotos, not the medicine.

  5. My cycles have always been slightly wonky after having my youngest. (July 2016) But it was generally just a ten day “window”

    Started levo september 1….haven’t had a period since mid august. ? could just be fluke timing with the Levo i guess. But i figured that was probably the culprit, and that id address with my dr next week (Not not not pg!)

  6. For sure the Hashimotos always had the signs before the diagnoses same as all the other females on my moms side..took my sister to get diagnosed 1st then we all followed suit & got tested found out we all have it. Definitely not meds

  7. The right dosage of Synthroid helps regulate my cycle. When my levels are off, everything is off.

  8. I’m on track since starting the meds, I was having 2-3 years for 20 years since I was 21 and I didn’t know saw all the wrong doctors. Now on track

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