I started to read Dr. Axe’s book “Eat Dirt.”


Has anyone else had a similar experience? I started to read Dr. Axe’s book “Eat Dirt.” He mentioned putting his mother on the Hormone masquerading as a vitamin when she had cancer (no mention of any testing) and I said, “damnit, Dr. Axe!” Out loud. My favorite husband then made a hissing noise like a cat.

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  1. He also likes L-glutamine. *sigh*

    After watching Dr. Blaylock talk about Excitotoxins on the Truth about Cancer, I threw mine out

  2. Dr Axe is a quack.

  3. What is wrong with l glutamine?

  4. I think l-glutamine does help a lot of people; it is not, in and of itself, an excitotoxin, but usually converts to GABA (which is calming). However, in those of us with GAD genetic mutations (glutamic acid dehydrogenase), it can convert to glutaMATE instead of GABA, which is excitatory.

  5. I like Dr. Axe. His gut healing stuff is right in line with other holistic things I have read/researched. You do need to remember that most people, even Holistic, alternative doctors are still recommending Hormone D. We are cutting edge rebels here at MAG! I have my MAG filter on with everyone/everything I read now. Do your research! Take what works for you and fits what you know to be true and ignore the rest.

  6. Morley told me to take l-glutamine for Candida. Now I'm worried I misheard him.

  7. It's very difficult to find any two or three protocols that agree with what other protocols say. It can be quit difficult to make sense of it all.

  8. L glutamine can be beneficial for gut health for some and trouble for others. Listen to your body.

  9. I'm more curious about your "favorite husband." How many do you have? Please explain

  10. Lol Myma Jane. I only have one husband. One of my husband's co-workers refers to his wife as "his favorite wife." I think it's funny, so I have been referring to my husband as my favorite husband.

  11. Have you got an unfavourite husband too lol

  12. Go easy. Medicine and nutrition are disciplines that require ongoing education. I often think I could live 3 lifetimes and still just be getting good with the basics.
    We have put health professionals on a pedastle but they don't belong there. It's painful to take them down. We feel like they have let us down, but the truth is both sides are culpable.
    Also, I'm glad you have a favorite husband, but I'm wondering what you do with the others. I really MUST be doing something wrong! 😉

  13. Holli VanSteenis, I agree with what you are saying. I disagree with a few things that Dr. Axe says, but I am curious to see what his book is about. I lol'd at your last two sentences.

  14. Sherri – not to mention that candy contains GMOs

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