I suffer with chronic anxiety


I know its kinda off topic & ive been doing the protocol for a few months now but i wondered what the take is on CBD oil (no THC just CBD).
I suffer with chronic anxiety and have heard favourable things regarding CBD but not sure whether there could be any deteriment to taking it? Any advice welcome thanks

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  1. I can't answer your question but I know it uses lots of magnesium to metabolize so if you use it be mindful of possibly adding more magnesium to your diet.

  2. Interesting about the magnesium, Gail Klett. Any chance you have a link to studies indicating the magnesium usage to metabolize cbd oil?

  3. The only interaction I've ever seen involving CBD is a possible problem with medicines that interact with grapefruit… I've never seen this about it using magnesium in anyway, I use a lot of CBD to manage chronic illness but I've never had my magnesium levels checked so I can't say for sure if it helps or hinders that in anyway.

  4. Hemp seed has no cbd, it's all on the flowers

  5. I think it is helpful. I'm in California where it is legal. I don't smoke but there are topicals, or edibles. Both have helped.

  6. I'm about to start it too… for sleep and mental health.. my main concern is my low blood pressure

  7. I would be interested in finding the answers to this as well!

  8. It helps to get relaxed but you need to find the dose that fits you

  9. gee can someone tell me what the protocol is please?

  10. try ashwagandha 1000-2000mgs a day, i suffer extreme anxiety and its made such a diff

  11. You do realize that you must have some of the thc for the body to be able to utilize the cbd?

  12. How many people in the group are doing the RCP and taking CBD oil at the same time? It is not part of the RCP and I have not heard Morley, the owner of this group, talking about the benefits of using CBD oil with his protocol…is this thread off topic?

  13. I used to be a regular user of quite low cannabis. Eliminated along with alcohol & coffee in this healing phase of my life I will not consider it while I have methylation concerns. https://chriskresser.com/coffee-is-good-for-you-unless-its-not/

  14. I apologise profusely for the weird turn in conversation. I honestly never meant to cause controversy. I posed a question that I may possibly add about something alongside of the protocol because I'm struggling. Thank you for all the useful info If anyone can shed any light on the mineral disreg with CBD oil that would be most welcome thou. Thankyou

  15. Larina yes it was your OP…but it has been taken over by others

  16. Sorry Larina, other than cursory mentions in autism I am not researching CBD as my concerns remain as expressed above. Clare however has acted negatively on other posts I have engaged in.

  17. I have acted impeccably …IMV !

  18. Clare Johnston I really don't mean to be rude but please you have had your say! Can I please hear from other view points?? I and I'm sure everyone hear understands morleys views on crutches and the protocol but with respect on occasion their is nothing wrong with adding a little tweek that helps individuals, after all we are not all biologically the same! I want to continue with the protocol but want to understand alittle more about CBD. And your not enabling me do to that if you keep dominating the thread. Thankyou but please… I really want proper info/links not your opinion!! Many thanks thou

  19. I don't know anything about this topic, but Kitty Martone commented on CBD oil (I think) in a previous thread and the success she and her clients have had with it.

  20. Larina Thornton I'm amazed at your patience and ability to be diplomatic with someone badgering you like this! I'd like you to know that I have learned from this MAG group so much over the last several years…and my health has improved a good bit. Morley, MJ and others have diligently provided info I needed to get better. I've been sick most of my life, am in my 60's, and have diagnoses longer than this thread. And yes…we are all different and react differently to supplements. I continue to have difficulties and am always seeking ways to improve/get better. In addition to the protocol here…I found good quality CBD products that have been a life changer for me. Getting pain relief and good sleep makes life livable again. Call it a crutch if someone wants to…but these two sources MAG and CBD have given me renewed life and hope. It's my opinion…but I think MAG protocol and green plants work well together. I posted above a link to a great company that has excellent CBD products, (not all CBD is quality). I do not sell CBD products…someone told me a couple of years ago about a FB group called AON/CBD may help…that changed my life for the better…and now I share with others. I don't do well on THC either…causes me more pain, headaches, anxiety and panic attacks. But good quality CBD is low/no THC…and has many healing properties. New research has shown lately that THC is not always needed to have benefits for good health. I'm living proof…best wishes! P.S. to Morley…I apologize if I've overstepped here .I love MAG!!

  21. This means that CBD consumers could not only be just plain old ripped off, they could be taking substances detrimental to their health, hazardous to their safety and psychological well-being, and they could be unwittingly breaking the law whilst driving or lose their job after a drug test.


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