I take glycinate at night and malate in the mornings


I have been taking about 5mgs of magnesium per pound of body fat for a few months now and I am beginning to think it is causing depression and anger. I have ben seriously agitated and depressed in the past couple weeks and when I take mag out for a day it appears to get better, than I take again the following day and the issue persists– I take glycinate at night and malate in the mornings. any thoughts on this?

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  1. does it cause bowel problems? like diarrhea?

  2. Try transdermal instead… As in having a footbath daily with magnesium chloride flakes.. Might be just an issue with the type of mag you're using

  3. Switch to ionic. See if that helps

  4. ARe you taking Mg's three cofactors?

  5. I posted last night about reacting to mag((ionic) last night too but didn't get a respond! I'm glad I'm not the only one!
    I too feel agitated on mag and get muscle fatigue!
    Been searching the net but can't find an answer!

  6. I used to take mag oxide and then malate and they worked, I then switched to gylcinite and after a week or so, holy cow did I ever get depressed. It just did not work for me.

  7. Is mag citrate not an option?

  8. Stop the Mg glycinate. Consider making and drinking Mag Water.

  9. Are you getting Mg's three cofactors?
    Are you also supporting the adrenals?

  10. I take a multi B vitamin & prunes boron…. Are those good for cofactors? (my next purchase for the b's will be bee pollen i think)

  11. When considering "what form" to take, consider a whole food form of Magnesium. The glycinate is synthetic and is not recognized by the body as the same "form" of magnesium our bodies are deficient in, food form. Magnesium, in food, is bound by proteins, or branch chain amino acids. The isolated magnesium mineral salts and synthetic chelates are missing this crucial structure, and these forms will not be treated the same way as food is treated within our bodies. I wrote a blog on various "Forms". As a disclaimer, I am the author of the blog, and I also own an organic wholefood supplement company, Grown By Nature, which is referenced within the blog. : http://www.jasonthewholefoodspecialist.com/#!Which-form-of-Magnesium-is-best/c218b/5640ce160cf2708e001237c2

    Although the 5mg/lb. of body weight tends to be a popular suggestion, I strongly feel the most important aspect to consider is the form of supplements we ingest. With wholefood supplements, our bodies do not require mega-doses of supplements, when delivered in the proper form

  12. 30 mg per tablet- would have to take a ton of these if doing 5 mg per pound of body weight- am I missing something?

  13. Yes, we do not need 5mg per pound of body weight when we take actual food supplements. Our 30 mg tablet will provide more utilizable Magnesium to the body, as it is protein bound, when compared to 400, 500 or even 1,000 mg of an isolated mineral salt or synthetic chelate. My mentor, Dr. Eric Llewellyn, a naturopath/osteopath, has done extensive clinical research using wholefood Magnesium, and just 30mg /tablet, and has stated that when Magnesium is in the proper form, 30- 70mg is more than enough! Here is the audio clip with his declaration of such: his part on Magnesium begins at 5:45: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9s1wiXZ9qQ

  14. Gail Walter The recommendation to take such higher dosages of Magnesium is in direct relation to the forms that are being taken. WIth most isolated/chelated Magnesiums, the absorption percentages are so poor (roughly 5-20%) of the material, the recommendation to take such higher dosages is an attempt to make up for the majority of the material that is wasted. With food nutrients, they are nearly 100% absorbed and most importantly utilized.

    A quick example with math:
    400 mg of a Magnesium Salt that only absorbs 5% would provide 20mg of Magnesium absorbed

    30mg of wholefood Magnesium that is 95% absorbed would provide your body with 28.5mg of Magnesium Absorbed.

    IN the proper form, less is more!

  15. Thank you Jason Derkevics- so then the price seems more affordable. I find it all so confusing. I do my research and buy the recommended form and then more info makes me rethink it all. I am also in Canada so there is the BAD dollar exchange, not to mention the shipping costs from the US.

  16. I understand shipping issues and even costs. I have created a coupon code for this group: gotmag20 , which provides a 20% discount off retail prices, and I also offer to split shipping charges for international orders.

  17. Thank you for that- it is helpful. I would not mind even an outrageous cost if it was the one and I did not have so many choices that are the perfect one. 🙂

  18. I understand all too well, and that is why my company, Grown By Nature exists, now in our 11th year of operation. I am aware of all the purported "perfect ones" out there, but upon true research I always come back to understand the only truly perfect supplement is one that delivers back to our bodies that which is deficient, meaning only a food form supplement can replace what is missing in our food diet. We are a small, family operated business, and our success is based on word-of-mouth advertising, standing on the foundation of truth

  19. Are there testimonies? Do many people in this group take this brand?

  20. Michelle Stewart is a member of this group who has provided me with a testimonial for our marketing:
    "Hi Jason

    I want to share with you the fantastic results I've had with two of your products this year. I generally don't like to supplement unless I've tested low and I'm not getting enough from my diet. I had been following you in the Magnesium Advocacy Group for quite some time, your products always appealed to me as they're food-based and you have so much research to back them up. I also admire the passion you have for your products and your contributions and willingness to share your extensive knowledge.

    In February this year I had an HTMA with Morley Robbins and part of his recommendation for me was to supplement with calcium and magnesium. He doesn't usually specify a brand, he leaves that up to the individual. Being that I don't like taking supplements and I've reacted badly to synthetic supplements in the past, I did a lot of research until I found what I considered the most suited to me – Grown by Nature. I started very slowly, worried about reactions, but I needn't have worried. No reactions! I took your Calcium and Magnesium, just one a day from March to July this year and re-tested. Morley was very impressed at my improvements and asked what I'd been taking. I knew I'd been feeling better and the results confirmed it. My calcium had risen from 14 to 27; my magnesium had risen from 2.8 to 3.2. Both are now in range. In future I will have no hesitation taking anything with the Grown by Nature label on it. I can highly recommend your products in confidence based on personal experience.


    There are several other members of this group that are using Grown By Nature, but I have only received a testimonial to use from Michelle so far

  21. Thank you- that is really encouraging and only one a day. I am actually getting my hair clipped in a couple hours for my first HTMA with Morley.

  22. My guess would be that you're having a negative reaction to the glycinate and/or the malate, not the magnesium itself. Glycinate is more likely to be the culprit.

  23. glycinate did not work for me…

  24. I just saw that your taking a Methyl B vitamin. If it has methyl folate in it, you may want to check this out–it may explain a lot! http://mthfr.net/methylfolate-side-effects/2012/03/01/

  25. Thank you Naomi Berg that is really useful information.

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