I take iron supplements and vitiamn D


New to Magnesium, can any one recommend what to take, I take iron supplements and vitiamn D, hoping something to help with headaches, anxiety. Thank you

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  1. Stop iron & vitamin D. Have you read the pinned post?

  2. I'll read now , but I have a very poor diet I don't eat enough iron:(

  3. I am away from my computer now, I don't know how to copy paste, but Sonia, I can send you links to information/videos that show low magnesium is really the cause for low hormone D, and that low bio available copper is really what's behind low iron.

  4. Read this http://my-magnesium.com/hormone-d.html
    and show to your doctor. If they arent willing to do all four tests, you can order them yourself here:http://requestatest.com/mag-vitamin-d-panel–testing

  5. Thanks for your patience Sonia Duarte-Somerton. Here are links to Morley's Toxicity of Iron newsletters. http://gotmag.org/mag-pie-alert-31-toxicity-of-iron/

  6. Morley has more YouTube videos, and interviews/articles he wrote floating around on the internet (I read one earlier that I had never seen before.) Here are links to his ebooks, they are available in hardcopy as well. http://gotmag.org/ebooks/

  7. Take it one thing at a time. Let us know if you have any questions and keep in touch.

  8. A great resource to show you some of the foods that will help you restore your levels and so much more

  9. Also my-magnesium.com helps to simplify a starting point.

  10. I'm also new to this und this confuses me all so much. Everybody usually says Vitamine D is so important, now i read that i shouldn't take it. It's like no matter what you do it is wrong.

  11. Sonia are you zinc deficient? Their interlinked too

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