I tested positive for the celiac gene.


Question- I tested positive for the celiac gene. My kids have a ton of GI issues. Pediatric GI won’t do genetic testing on them. Would rather do antibody test and endoscopy. Said 10% of pop could carry the gene without have celiac but if I have the gene and celiac, they have GI issues already, wouldn’t it be better to do genetic testing then wait until they damage their systems even more?!!!!

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  1. Good question. My GI just said to do the endoscopy yesterday and wants me to eat gluten for two week. When finally after 6 mos most of my symptoms have gone away. Still don’t know what I’ll do.. I do like the idea of getting that free package other people have received for doing a endoscopy

  2. Push the issue. My daughter is 19 mo. She just had the blood test 2 weeks ago (ttg) and was med-high likelihood. We aren’t even going to see a GI because In just 2 weeks she’s a whole different kid on gluten free!

  3. I would do a blood test for celiac for them.
    I’m having it done for my 3 year old, because he’s having GI issues and I have diagnosed celiac.
    As for the endoscopy, I went through it, but will not put my son through it.

  4. About half of my family has proactively gone g free based on symptoms. None of us have had testing.

  5. I was tested positive with gene test. My symptoms were horrible before going gf. I had 2 of my kids tested for Celiac but they only did the antibody test and it was neg. My brother and mom didn’t do genetic test but did antibody and tested neg. I know for sure of those in my family that were tested neg for antibodies their genetic would’ve been positive based on all their symptoms. The test is expensive and not covered by insurance usually which isn’t fair. As for the kids, they didn’t want to do genetic testing until they got older. I think they should do it as early as possible and not suffer like I did. I wish I knew when I was younger. I dealt with so many issues for almost 20yrs!

  6. If symptoms are there and go gf which relieves symptoms no need for for further medical tests. Gluten isn’t necessary for our health and if you or kids feel better without gluten thats a great outcome

  7. We tried to do all three at once with my son … endoscopy, genetic testing and antibody Test. Dr tried to put through genetic test but the lab my insurance uses doesn’t do the testing for it so that was our issue and dr sad this is common unfortunately. He did end up testing positive for celiac so that gave us the answer we were looking for. My daughter is being tested for antibody and if she is negative I am going to see if there is a way to get her tested for gene without paying out of pocket.

  8. Can someone give me more information on the Celiac gene?

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