I think my adrenals are trashed


I think my adrenals are trashed. Im getting sun, mag, K2. I have a new baby, toddler, older son with autism. I had 2 miscarriages in 2014 that i am still greiving. I have unmedicated narcolepsy and breastfeeding 2 babies. Got an IUD last Friday and severe fatigue ever since. I need to get out of this. What herbs can i use to support? My blood preasure feels ok, often drops when i feel adrenal fatigue. I am eating a hybrid of paleo, Weston price, a little bit of SAD.

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  1. Oh and im keeping the IUD, i just cant cant have any more babies now. I don't wanna have to think about it.

  2. i hope you get stronger soon.

  3. Did you do the copper IUD or the Mirena? I tried the copper one and crashed so badly I had it taken out 2 months later and had stage 3 adrenal fatigue as a direct result (and a few other factors too). You might have some copper dysregulation happening, that's what I think happened to me. Or it could be the hormones from the other one. Either way, adrenals need salt. Make sure you're getting enough of that and whole food C (not ascorbic acid).

  4. I would get the IUD out and have your hubby get fixed. That's what we did. My husband was more than willing when I explained that any of the options for me would mess up my hormones and make me a wreck and his normally has no side effects. The only other option for me was condoms. He chose the procedure. Nursing two kids is hard too. Try alfalfa tea infusions daily to restore strength and nourish your pituitary gland for great milk production and a healthy endocrine system. Worked great for me.

  5. Guys I'm keeping the IUD please don't argue about that that's really insulting just tell me how I can fix this

  6. I don't think anyone is arguing with you about the IUD. Fact is, it can cause problems. You yourself said you're severely fatigued since it was inserted. There are other options for birth control

  7. have you checked your MTHFR status?

  8. miscarriages, fatigue and a host of other issues are connected with MTHFR. I recommend 23andme.

    Pantothenic acid has done wonders for my fatigue.

  9. My MTHFR is adequately treated

  10. Oh i also took a bit of cytomel to help keep the last pregnancy along with LDN. Maybe i havent adjusted to being off it? I have a lab slip to get thyroid tested but its always been normal.

  11. Ive been drinking bulletproof coffee for 3 weeks. Organic, just one cup.

  12. since you're paleo….. do you eat enough starchy veggies to up your carbs?

  13. Are you still taking LDN? I've had to raise my dose. Are you familiar with the recommended optimal ranges from Stop the Thyroid Madness? Normal doesn't equal optimal…is their theory.

  14. Oh and hubs started antipsychptic meds and son started depakote for treatment resistant depression/epilepsy, very stressful.

  15. Herbs: dgl licorice, ashwaganda, astragalus, reishi, rhodiola. I'm right there with you on the adrenal fatigue.
    I had the copper iud once upon a time so I don't know terribly much about the mirena and how exactly your hormones get impacted. I had my hormones tested to learn I was all out of whack which contributed to my adrenal issues.

  16. The coffee might be negatively effecting you…

  17. Adrenals need a lot of whole food vit C, potassium and salt.
    B vitamins, natural vit e, magnesium are also needed

    Breastfeeding 2? No wonder you are exhausted!

    Eft with Dede Moore Eft Practitioner can help with the grief.

    The synthetic progesterone may or may not be causing an issue. Who knows. I had paragard for 12 yrs and mirena for 4.75. My uterus revolted and I had it removed.
    I use ubiquinol (active coq10), d-ribose, and l-carnitine for energy along with b vits and mag

    Cant recommend herbs since you are breastfeeding but ask about ashwagandha or rhodiola which can help the stress

  18. I'm with you BF 3 not had a full nights sleep for a long long long time the kids have ishhooos.. so battling that.
    I have adrenal support here I take my mag and use garden of life b vitamins
    I had to concede that my adrenal are shot and I have to heal

  19. Coffee is contraindicated with adrenal fatigue.

  20. A very good site for adrenals support.. http://www.forefronthealth.com/

  21. Pantothenic acid was a game changer for me for my adrenals

  22. Instead of throwing this and that at your body, get the recommended testing done so that you have a realistic plan.

  23. I had a Mirena for 5 years. During the time, I had no idea what I was going to face in future. I have been trying to heal from the Mirena for 6 years now.

  24. I just recovered from adrenal fatigue

  25. Some people like myself have zero tolerance caffeine. Even a tiny bit of dark chocolate before bed will keep me awake. Without 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep your adrenals are not going to recover well.

  26. I know you want to keep the IUD but when you have time look into Fertility Awareness Method, there's a fb group with lots of info. Sorry i can't be more helpful!

  27. Read Dr. Robert Thompson's The Calcium Lie. He is a practicing OBGYN in Alaska and says that each pregnancy robs a woman of 10% of her baseline minerals. You need over 70 minerals in balance, not just a few. he does HTMA testing and mineral balancing

  28. Take out the IUD, get ur tubes tied or get ur man fixed. Causes too many issues.

  29. I concur with Cassandra first thing I would do is remove IUD. Then you really need to ask family and friends for help. You have far to much on your plate and to heal you need to destress and get more rest/relaxation. All the best to you!

  30. sounds like you need help, not supplements. All the supplements in the world can't replace the 110% you are expending. Can you sit down and see if there's anything you can outsource (dinner, cleaning, taking your eldest to therapy, anything), any burden you are carrying that you don't need to carry, any resources in friends, family, support groups that can help you? Do you need to nurse the toddler (if nursing brings you joy and happiness, of course continue it)? Is there a way to ensure you get enough sleep at least one night a week, or can you nap with the babies? This is where the village used to come in – one person is not supposed to handle all this. Maybe you can shop online, and set the darn thing for automatic renewal? (Just throwing ideas out there, I have no idea what your support system looks like.) Best of luck.

  31. Sounds rough. One thing you could look into is trying like the gaps diet and looking into leaky gut for food sensitivities. Wish I could be more helpful. I'm sorta going to the same thing, finally realized that my gut was taxing my adrenals so I'm working on that right now and it seems to be helping.

  32. A naturopathic doctor would be able to help you treat your adrenal fatigue based on your hormones.

  33. I have heard that IUD's are a source of biounavailable copper…which is why you might be feeling fatigued since you started using it.

  34. Sarah it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. You're asking for advice. Which is great to ask for help. Everyone suggestions are helpful. But you know your body more than anyone else. Not all things, that are suggesting will work for you. You can try. But It's not just about nutrition or supplements. It's about having balance with your mind, body, and soul. My advice is trying meditation to ground yourself. It's hard enough to get through the day. Best of luck!

  35. IUDs allow germs & bacteria into your uterus causing pelvic infections which manifest as fatigue and drain your energy!
    Find another way of contraception?

  36. You must be running on empty no wander your adrenals are trashed… Your life is very busy with having a new baby, a toddler and an older son with Autism but to have unresolved grief and all the other stuff going on, I do hope you have a very supportive partner. It may be well for you to consider having some counselling for your sad losses to get you in a better place emotionally. Doing so will really support you in all the other areas. Hope you find some resolve soon… Best of luck!

  37. Ask your doctor to test your homocysteine levels. In fact ask for a full functional workup. And remember that you are the best mother for your kids doing the very best you can! Your best is always changing so you have to cut yourself some slack. You are a human being with needs, wants, and the whole spectrum of emotions, so are your kids. allow them to see you as human, fallable, loving, and determined to be the best parent you can be. That means taking care of yourself first. (I know it's really hard!!!) Sorry for your losses. Hugs!

  38. The adrenals CAN RECOVER. Remember that 🙂 but knowing your mineral status would help for sure!

  39. Also, I'm not sure if you read the discussion Morley Robbins was having about methylation…but mag + cofactors and ceruloplasmin protocol are good places to start. He is not big on synthetic B vitamins (especially if you're taking a load of them), as they are known to lower potassium. He prefers bee pollen, rice bran and beef liver for all the range of B's.

    From Morley:
    "I sincerely invite the MTHFR community to explain the profound impact of dietary & supplemental Iron Overload on CREATING & SUSTAINING the DNA *Dings* that are transcription errors & that we are being "trained" to beLIEve are permanent genetic errors…

    I would encourage you to get beyond synthetics & discover the amazing biochemistry of MTHR NATURE..

    A votre sante!"

  40. Sarah, check the IUD many have copper hence the fatigue.

  41. Feeling better yesterday and today. In an ideal world would not have IUD. But i need this. I feel if i am healthy my system can take it. Ive been doing ok but this was enough to send me over the edge. I need adrenal support since i am at high risk. Ive been eating holy basil and desire breastfeeding safe herbal support. I'm getting a decent amount of other forms of support I'm eating well and I'm getting help with the kids

  42. My grief has always been supported and had room made for it

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