I told some older friends about the magahol


I told some older friends about the magahol. One has cancer she has been battling. They made a batch. And are overwhelmed & thrilled with the results!! One lady tried it on several friends. They loved it. Now she Is making up 8 spritzer bottles for them!! Some can’t believe this is working but are so thrilled!! Thank you for helping many, many ppl have a better quality of life!!!!

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  1. Happy happy happy!! Now I have a bunch of older ladies happy happy happy! ! Lovin it!!

  2. My Good Karma and people's blessings flow every time they use it and bless me.
    I am just humbled by this kindness.
    Long Live MAG-A-HOL and all those who use it and become pain free, .

  3. Hermant can you answer the above questions about children??

  4. If you want the vodka in your blood stream, drink the vodka and eat the mag chloride. If not, use transdermal mag-a-hol. How much vodka is in a few sprays? How about a few drops or maybe drips.

  5. Would this also help with eczema?

  6. is regular proof strong enough for the vodka

  7. How can you purchase this and what is the website called? Please and Thank You ; )

  8. Holly Pray, you make it yourself. It's in the files.

  9. Janis Stratton Potts Thank You I didn't know if you buy it or make it and I tried opening the file and it wouldn't allow me : (

  10. Holly Pray, Check out above posts that MJ Hamp posted. I think it tells you how to make it. Also a video someone else posted.

  11. Janis Stratton Potts Thank You so very much ; ) Lynn Pritchett YouTube works but not the other link fir some reason ; )

  12. You need adobe reader to open .PDF files.

  13. Do we have 80 proof in canada

  14. David my comment was a joke. I dont personally have a issue with vodka. But it is a valid question if someone does have sensitivities to it.

  15. David…I know there may not be a lot but if you have a child with a heart condition you are very careful to do everything to keep from aggravating it.

  16. Diana Luddington – in Canada you may want to look for 40% or 50% vodka.

  17. Also have a kid with heart issues. Not willing to take even the tiniest risk with her. What happens with the alcohol? Is it all absorbed?

  18. Can Mag-A-Hol be taken orally. How much?

  19. You put it on your skin because taking too much orally is hard to do. Will cause diarrhea.

  20. Magnesium is supposed to help your arteries, heart. Research it!

  21. water molecules and vodka ie…C2H5OH. is too large to permeate through the skin

  22. Wow Lisa! Good to know!

  23. Where do I find a recipe for this ?

  24. Files or above

  25. The Mag-A-Hol recipes is in Photos > Albums > Mag-A-Hol as well as here
    Mag-A-Hol links Recipe

  26. Diana Luddington, we can use vodka in Canada. In Quebec you might also use alcool. I made it with Smirnoff, if I recall.

  27. (in Canada) I also used Smirnoff 375 ml vodka (whole bottle) and 8.5 ounces in a measuring cup of Magnesium Chloride flakes shake up once in a while till dissolved…in mason jar or ?? if not all dissolved it's still fine… Mag-a_hol is great…..put some in a spray bottle.. don't put in eyes…. alcohol evaporates quickly.. you don't feel any effects from it….

  28. good for leg cramps, muscles, nerves, 50% success on headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, some knee pains

  29. often instant relief

  30. So I'm unfortunately new to even using magnesium, but this sounds super! Is this more effective for getting your daily recommended amount of magnesium? How many sprays should you use? Also, is it better to use vodka or just alcohol like the recipe in the notes? Do I need to use glycerin? I don't even know how to begin to buy the right kind of vodka.

  31. Louisa Manning Griffith – when vodka is used to make Mag-A-Hol, glycerin is not needed. I use 100 proof Mohawk brand vodka. Others use 80 proof vodka.

  32. I use it on my temples and helps to sleep. Anywhere for sore muscles, cramps. Lower abdomen for constipation. Throat area for my thyroid. Along my spine when I'm tired or stressed. My husband use it for restless legs. I can stay here all day making a list. Just apply freely to replenish magnesium in your body. If it itches a little apply along with a "clean" body cream/butter/lotion.

  33. Thanks MJ!! How do I know how much magnesium I'm getting?

  34. I use as much as I want! I started out just a few sprays. But depending on what I want I use more. Last nite I was covered in it. I don't think you can get hurt if you overuse. I am not sure. I have had no side effects at all but good ones!

  35. Lisa Carter,

    Alcohol does permeate through skin.

  36. Much or a small amount?

  37. Robin Krones,
    Very Little amount.

  38. ToddRachelfamily Jamison theres your answer 🙂

  39. Hemant Trivedi can you over use this? used it for the first time last night and felt like every time I put in on a different part of my body wanted some 🙂

  40. Me and some of my friends like MJH have been using MAG-A-HOL for over an year because our MBR is very high due to age related problems, whereas others are just using it once a day or so.
    No , it is not habit forming . Be rest assured.
    What it means is that your body is so much hungry for Magnesium.

  41. Ok that's what I thought. Thank you. It's really interesting to me because I've been using mag oil for over a year and never felt like it did much.

  42. If it does permeate then should I not use it? I'm pregnant…

  43. Thank you Hermant Trivedi

  44. May I ask if mag a hol is better than making mag oil please?

  45. Sharriée,

    Of course it is .

  46. I have been on morphine for pain in knees. Done a few days now of gp and going to start the mag

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