I took my first Epsom salt bath last night


I took my first Epsom salt bath last night, immediately felt drowsy and fatigued to the point of being drugged almost. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it reverberating throughout my whole body. Then today I crashed, my tank was on empty and I literally couldn’t get out of bed, I slept until about an hour ago while my mom helped with my son. Not sure if this is any connection to the Epsom salt bath?? Or if it’s just my AF causing me to crash after going nonstop after the holidays.

Anyone experienced this before?

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  1. Hydration is necessary when taking mineral baths. Evidently, you were not well hydrated. But deep sleep is really healing.

  2. I was just going to ask if you were drinking enough water. I always have to drink a ton right before and right after an epsom salt bath or i feel crappy.

  3. I definitely drank a ton after the bath, the water wasn't even that hot and I was sweating like crazy! I felt dehydrated after too. So lesson learned, I obviously wasn't hydrated enough…thanks for the heads up!

  4. & make sure to rinse off in cool water after. Many don't & if the salt stays on ur skin u can dehydrate further

  5. u r also detoxing! So perfectly normal for us not normal people!

  6. Try drinking the adrenal cocktail 30 mins before. And drink water during.

  7. Put some Celtic sea salt in your water when you drink it to give yourself some minerals

  8. also, if too much for u, then do the foot soaks…some of us r too fatigued to handle the baths

  9. Am I doing an Epsom salt bath wrong? I don't feel any different, just like a regular bath.

  10. I felt like that too but turns out I couldn't handle the sulfur in Epsom. Try magnesium chloride flakes instead

  11. Always start with small doses. Your body is not used to it.

  12. I can't do sulfur, I'm allergic

  13. What's a good amount? Maybe I'm not using enough?

  14. 2 cups epson salt 1/2 cup baking powder, 1/8 cup borax, at least 30 minutes to get results. 40 is ultimum.

  15. 2 cups of epsom salts is huge – 1/4 cup in bath is plenty

  16. Low and slow..

  17. I use a whole lot more than two cups of EPsom salt in a bath…. but I've been taking them since childhood.

  18. I get this from hot baths or hot tubs. I have pots.

  19. i personally make sure the bathroom is cooler than normal (open a window in the winter, use the bath fan in the summer to move the air). i also make sure i don't submerge my entire body. also i don't stay in longer than 20-30 minutes.

  20. I use one cup of Epsom,salts as I am still new to them. And I just now started adding the baking soda. I do not add borax. But mind you even at these levels you can,be itchy afterward. So rinse in fresh water after draining the Epsom salts.

  21. Kim what is pots?

  22. It's a Dysautonomia. (Autonomic nervous system dysfunction). I get tachycardia when I stand. But also have other issues from it. ANS doesn't know how to function properly. Heat, shower, bath intolerance, etc. It can wipe me out for a couple days.

  23. This happened to me when I first started. It cleared up after doing it a few times. Drink plenty of water.

  24. Completely normal. You just overdid it. Start over, dose low and increase slowly. With time you should have a better tolerance to these effects and a better feel for the right dosing.

  25. Congratulations! 🙂 Now repeat often.

  26. Maybe sulfer

  27. Make sure the water wasn't too hot. That happens to me if the temp is too high . . .

  28. It happened to me the first time, I think my magnesium levels were really low. Thereafter, I never had that problem again.

  29. A Doctor told me to make sure and drink lots of water before taking a shower or a hot bath because they take moisture out of our bodie. After doing that I feel better

  30. I experience the same because of the sulphur – the fairly common CBS gene variance can cause sulphur pathway disturbances. However, I can do Mag Chloride baths, or Epsom salt footbaths, with no problem.

  31. Terri low blood pressure is not a good thing that's your adrenals

  32. Yes, a little much Epsom for the 1st time. Yes, you need to hydrate before (I do during) and after (I drink fresh lemon squeezed in water). You may also be experiencing Candida die off (google it).

  33. I have had the same reaction and I like everyone's comments…water too hot, too much Epsom salt, having a sensitivity to sulfur, and having an electrolyte imbalance can all contribute to those side effects. I make my baths less hot now, use smaller amounts of magnesium & I use magnesium chloride flakes.

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