I used to do a roll on w magnesium on my toddlers feet


I used to do a roll on w magnesium on my toddlers feet, at some point I stopped. Well the past few weeks have been filled with really rough bedtimes. I kept thinking why? what has changed they were so easy. Then I remembered the roller, I found it and used it the past three nights and omg back to super easy bedtime. It just calms him down. Is this possible? or coincidence?

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  1. same thing has happened to me when it was accidentally dropped from the routine….then I put it back on and life is much better.

  2. Can I just buy this roller? Or do you make it?

  3. Wish you posted this earlier today lol. My 5 year old has been off the chain, all over the place hyper and literally trying to bounce off the walls! I'm gonna remember this tomorrow. He doesn't get much junk food at all but he had a cookie and gummies at church this morning but he normally doesn't react this way to them.i haven't looked at the moon, it could be a full one though

  4. Emily Danielson this might benefit lil man if he's having a hard time, anytime, just a thought!

  5. Maria Monroy can you post a picture of the roller?

  6. Yes following for a pic. And you just roll it on feet at night before bed?

  7. What type of Mag do you put in the roller?

  8. Oh my. I need to get this

  9. Mag 'oil' and Mag-A-Hol are often used in roll-on bottles.

  10. That's what it does exactly.

  11. Could I use this on my 9 month old?

  12. If you're breast-feeding your baby then take your weight in pounds plus baby's weight in pounds and this number multiplied by five is the total milligrams team you should be aiming for and baby absolutely will benefit from this!

  13. I've had problems with horrible insomnia years and years before my cancer and resultant electrolyte troubles. I have noticed though the nights I have problems sleeping now are in part because of my levels being low. If I have a little mag, I can fall back asleep, finally. Which type of mag is best for sleep? Thanks!

  14. There are magnesium products named Calm. It alleviates mild depression and helps us sleep. Humans basically need it to be happy humans.

  15. Oh! That is the same. Thank you!

  16. You could make that at home very easily

  17. This might be off topic, or a silly question… I make mag a hol- and I use MOM for deodorant and toothbrushing… Does MOM have a similar transdermal effect as mag a hol? Or is the concentration of mg too little in MOM to make a difference?

    I have the same bedtime issues with my 10-month-old and I'm going to try a little mag a hol tonight… What a relief it would be if it worked. Night times are so hard

  18. I quickly skimmed over this recently and haven't looked into it any further yet, but, I read that magnesium can be a bad thing for you if you have the MTHFR gene mutation, anyone know offhand?

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