I used to drink sparkling water


I used to drink sparkling water until I learned it robbed my body of minerals and completely damages my teeth – and boy did It! I’m having a hard time understanding why it’s recommended as part of the daily protocol. Can anyone help me understand. I thought carbonation was proven to interfere with mineral absorption.

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  1. Yikes I didn't know this. I drink it all the time. Following to see what answers you get.

  2. Mag water is flat when it's made.

  3. There is no carbonation in mag water.

  4. I drink sparkling water all the time

  5. I drink mineral water (sparkling), too. Yikes!

  6. Nothing wrong with a good quality sparkling water.

  7. I'm waiting to hear more….

  8. I'd like to hear more on this, too

  9. When mag water is made, the carbon molecules (carbonation) in seltzer combine with the magnesium molecules to form magnesium bicarbonate, which makes the magnesium more usable by the body.

  10. You can totally let the carbonation go flat *after* you've mixed in the MOM. Does that help the problem?

  11. Make sure you get the flouride out

  12. What about natural mineral water that is naturally carbonated? How can that harm your body or your teeth? I thought it was good for us. I'm confused…

  13. There is lots of sodium in sparkling water

  14. Even if it's made from a soda stream? I never heard this before, is Sodastream water as bad as canned then?

  15. So … sparkling water, good or bad?

  16. I havent had a soda pop or refined sugar in 3 years…. I will allow myself a club soda or Pellinegro a couple times per week. I dont even drink coffee… you gotta do something.. could be worse haha.

  17. It doesn't rob your body of minerals, but flavored sparkling water is more corrosive than orange juice on your dental enamel. The flavoring they add increases the acidity of the water. Erosion occurs starting at a pH of 4.5. OJ sits at about 3.68. Flavored sparkling water is in a range of 2.64-3.24. Plain carbonated mineral water is about 5.2 pH. So it shouldn't have a huge effect on your enamel. If you're adding lemon juice to it, that would obviously increase its potential to erode your enamel.

  18. Can anyone point me to any research on the subject of sparkling mineral water leaching minerals from the body? I thought it was a good source of minerals & potassium.

  19. It depends on which water you drink, most sparkling water contains sugar, the best one to drink and is full of minerals and magnesium is gerolstyner(sp)

  20. I would've thought that the completely natural mineral water that is naturally bubbly and bottled at the source would be very healthy, and the artificially carbonated mineral water might have been the one that could cause problems. Is that not correct? Can anyone confirm?

  21. I've been drinking plain sparkling mineral water for a long time too. I also thought it was good for the body, since it is "mineral" water.

  22. Trader Joe's is where I usually get mine too.

  23. I LOVE Kombucha !

  24. Our water is rainwater that we collect, so nothing added, just a filer for any bacteria, and we use a soda stream.but, now that you mention this, I do remember reading about the minerals being drawn out years ago.

  25. I have learnt that the carbon dioxide in sparkling water makes the body more acidic, and that that is not a good thing… Used to love to drink it too, but now I only drink it on special occasions.

  26. I'm new to this group and I'd just like to say, sometimes more dialogue only confuses what I wanted simplified. Trial and error I suppose..if the magnesium water causes a problem, we can adjust accordingly..however I believe it's a great start, as well as the adrenal cocktail. I thank MJ for her directions. Kind and knowledgeable people administrators run this site.

  27. Our bodies are not all the same. Carbonated water can lower stomach acid, and this can be beneficial if you already have too much acid. Or it can be detrimental if you too little or "just enough

  28. So brand names- Polar water? what about Trader Joe's? Is this considered what is bad?

  29. Listen to your body. I sometimes crave it and other times could care less.

  30. But most soda water is artificially carbonated.

  31. what dies this mean for the Mg ++mivela sparkling natural spring water that is recommended on this group?

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