I want to order genetic testing for myself.


Genetic testing? I was supposed to have my endoscopy today. Short story, I waited 6 weeks for it and have been gluten free on the AIP diet for 3 months. I cancelled the endoscopy because it was going to cost $1500 and diagnosis was unlikely because of my clean diet.

Anyway, I want to order genetic testing for myself. There are independent companies out there. Can you recommend one you’ve experienced?

Are there other tests I can order for myself to piece together a picture? I already have a positive blood test. I realize my self tests won’t be official. I don’t care. I just want to know for my own self care what’s going on. Doctors so far have been careless and expensive. I don’t want to push for the endo.

Edit to add: Stick to recommendations about genetic testing please. The word endoscopy causes me a lot of anger right now. I don’t want to discuss that at all. I need to get over the whole thing. Thanks.

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  1. Google Prometheus Lab. I have 1-888-423-5527 as their phone no. My daughter had their Celiac Plus test. It was almost $400.00 7 years ago.

  2. It is seeming like best testing is our symptoms. Just said last night if I had to eat gluten for a period of time to be tested I’d end up in the hospital or worse!!!!! Since there is no \

  3. I think 23 and me tests for the celiac gene, plus a ton of other stuff.

  4. I did 23andme, and they announced they added celiac to their list however when I ask about my results for that they answer basically that they haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ve had all my results since last winter. But I wanted to see how it came through so I can order it for my family. I already know my genetic results for it but am hesitant to waste $200/kid if they won’t actually include these results yet.

  5. I would not eat gluten for love or money. 23anr me is a good place. I agree that doctor’s seem to be out for the money

  6. I looked at 23 and me’s website. I don’t see that Celiac is offered yet. What am I missing?

  7. I used GlutenPro, a company out of Canada

  8. They came out on the news a while back saying the FDA approved them to give those results, maybe they are not? I had already done it before they offered it so at that point I was just curious to see what it said about it. And want to have my family test, I want to see who else has the gene..

  9. Endoscopy is the most conclusive diagnosis, as the damage can be seen. This will also tell medical professionals other tests that may be required, ie bone scan and will also I indicate further medication ie vit d calcium carbonate, iron etc

  10. I just went to an allergy doctor and she said you need to be eating gluten for a month in order for results to show up I had been gluten free for about a month and she said if that’s the case then I could still get it with accurate results. I would really make sure anything will show before spending the money if you’ve been eating clean that long

  11. I don’t wish to discuss my endoscopy or lack of. It’s a very sore spot with me. I’d like to move past it emotionally. Stick to the question about genetic testing. Thanks.

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