I want to share that anyone can get glutened


I want to share that anyone can get glutened. I teach gluten-free cooking and coach people with gluten-free lifestyle concerns. So I was surprised when I bought an “all natural” licorice snack with only four ingredients. But since I used to eat it in the past and I’m gluten intolerant, I didn’t check the ingredients until I had eaten the entire thing. That’s when I saw that one of the four ingredients are wheat. It was not a good moment for me. The moral is never stop checking ingredients and never stop asking questions about the food you eat.


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  1. biggest thing I gave up was red licorice-I always felt sick after eating my favorite sanck (pre-diag) but thought it was bc I ate too many!! There are GF versions out there.

  2. Better off buying and actual liquorice root.

    My brother once happily pointed out that opium is natural – doesn’t make it good for you…

  3. Wow almost bought one yesterday love these

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