I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, mthfr and sibo


New here. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, mthfr and sibo. I currently take folate, fish oil, vit d, digestive enzymes and dhea as well as probiotics. I am still anxious and I never sleep really soundly. Tell me more about how magnesium might help some of this

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  1. Read the pinned post. Tons of info there.

    D is a bad idea
    MTHFR is not a diagnosis, just so you know 🙂

  2. Curious how u got the diagnosis Sian? I know I hv it..but my docs..would keep saying I was fine

  3. When I started taking magnesium I saw immediate results less fatigue less depression no aches or pains sleeping fantastic and on and on

  4. Ann Davis if u don't mind what form and brand?

  5. So I need to take how many kinds of magnesium ?

  6. Vicki Hadley Ross if a person has A1298C and C677T what dies it mean? What should be course of action? Think about they just appear to be two numbers to the detected person and nothing else is known.

  7. Neither the isolated D nor the DHEA are a good idea. These are the recommended tests for "D".

  8. do yuu have mercury amalgams on your teeth?

  9. 23andme.com, begun by Pricilla Chan, MD, wife of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, is an easy to use home test for looking at your genetics, but they have been limited to providing the genetics, but NOT the interpretation of the testing. Years ago, results needed to be interpreted by local genetic counselors. Then a new online company, called livewello.com, was allowed to do the genetic interpretation of 23andme. But Ben Lynch, ND has started a new interpretation site, StrateGene, which is probably a better bet specifically for MTHFR mutations.

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