I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s September 2016.


I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s September 2016. I was sent to an endocrinologist and he didn’t take into consideration my symptoms and how I was feeling only my blood work. I finally got a referral to a different endo and she listens to how I’m feeling doesn’t just go off my lab work. She has me on 112mg of Synthroid. I am feeling better than I was but still feel awful most of the time. Neither one has done the labs I’ve researched, only checks my Free T4, TSH, and antibodies.
How do I ask for more labs checked without sounding like a b**ch?

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  1. Yeah I'd like to get more labs also.

  2. Simple, you demand them and if she/he so t listen you find another doctor. Look for a functional md

  3. I ended up having to go to a naturopath to get the full set of labs and determine after 9 years of just having “hypothyroidism” that it’S actually Hashimotos. Made me so angry that I could have know this whole time and had no idea.

  4. For me addding Cytomel/Liothyronine (T3) was key in feeling better and reducing the fatigue and gaining energy back. I now take that in addition to Synthroid/Levothyroxine (T4). Ask them to look at all your thyroid numbers as well as look at a full gluten panel.

  5. Thank you all

  6. You'll always sound like one to them. I stopped caring about what they thought of me. Truthfully, it's no skin of their nose if you're sick or well. Ask for exactly what you need and move on if they won't give it to you.

  7. I went to bioidentical after not feeling good with Dr. In addition to thyroid, I'm using progesterone oil (progestelle), lugols iodine, selenium, iron, vitamin d, probiotics, gluten free diet, and testosterone and DHEA

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