I was diagnosed with Hashi’s about 3 years ago.


A little bit of personal information here but hoping for some insight if anyone can help.
I was diagnosed with Hashi’s about 3 years ago. I also have dealt with what I thought were reoccurring urinary tract infections over the last 2 years, but come to find out, all cultures that have come back from labs have been normal meaning no sign of infection. A urologist was quick to try to put me on a medication that is supposed to numb/stop the “urgency” but I don’t necessarily want to just add another medication to my list. Not sure if this is an issue similar to what anyone else has or is dealing with? Thanks in advance.

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  1. does not mean the tests were accurate.. get second opinion. something is not right. i would not add another medicine. use food to improve your health. drink more spring or artestain or alkaline water. not tap water.

  2. They should be checking you for interstitial cystitis.

  3. I have the exact same issue!!!!

  4. I take vesicare for bladder leakage

  5. I take myrebetriq Took a while but works with no side effects. Had very dry mouth on vesicare. I have been to many dr and had many tests. Also went for tibial nerve stimulation. It helped also. I don't want to do the Botox because one of the side effects is that it works to good and you need a catheter

  6. Read up on the side effects of all your medication. I had my doc take me off lisinipril because it was causing urgency. Problem solved. 2 urologists just wasted my time and money.

  7. Sounds like it could be interstitial cystitis.

  8. Similar issue for me. I notice when I eat a lot of gluten, or drink just one beer it gets really bad quickly.

  9. I lost full control of my bladder,having a PESORY given,to insert in vagina,to keep bladder in and working,while being told,FLOOR OF BLADDER BROKEN.Pesory DIDNT WORK, presently taking CILOSTAZOL,acually helping considerably,after quite some time,noticing the surge of a full on of a RIVER,luckily. Wearing inconvenience pads,instead of ADULT DIAPERS,that was NEEDED.The many issues associated with HASHIMOTO are MANY,but realizing and hearing Dr after Dr dismiss me,but thankful to LEARN and deal with everything,GLADLY having then drop off as apposed to the continual laundry list of KEEPER DRS,better less than more after getting DX of yay or nay.

  10. I still have control of bladder, just the occasional burning when urinating, and feel like I still have to go even when I don't. I've had a cystoscopy and plenty of urinalyses but can't figure much else out.. so frustrating

  11. I appreciate everyone's input, thank you very much!

  12. Wow! I was only diagnosed with Hashimoto in Feb. have been on meds for 30 days. I've had a UTI since January, have taken 2 rounds of antibiotics and next week will see a urologist.

    My labs show E. coli bacteria. I've not had one in YEARS and this one won't go away!

  13. I take Cranberry capsules daily. Inflammation can occur due to autoimmune disorders and interstitial cystitis without infection. Cranberry helps a lot.

  14. Look up Interstial cystitis. Can be aggravated stress and acidic foods…

  15. Try olive leave extract

  16. what kathryn said. that's usually what it is when the cultures come back normal. their are meds, supps and diet.

  17. Medications for excessive urination and bladder control can increase your chances of increasing your blood pressure. I did not want to increasing my chances of having a thyroid storm and be in the hospital bc of other medical issues I have. Thyroid storm can be fatal as well if not caught or properly treated.
    I stopped taking those medications completely. I was on myrbetriq. It made me feel even more drowsy.
    I have levator Ani syndrome or pelvic floor dysfunction where my muscles are spasming uncontrollably. I seen a urologist for urodynamics testing and my body rejected the catheter along with the medical devices inserted for the testing. My urethra just pushed it out. They keep finding staph epidermis In my cultures from my skin rubbing from muscle spasms. This syndrome affects vaginal bladder and Rectum to be able to go the bathroom. Dr's havent really helped with this. I do physical therapy for pelvic floor but there's so much going on it's hard to fix everything at once.

    There are certain bladder irritants like orange juice caffeine chocolate that your bladder doesn't like so you can have increased sensation to go.
    i do recommend a squatty potty those are awesome!

    There's also a test called the genomind test that can test your enzymes to see what medications are most beneficial to you. Which is an option to think about. There's more info here


  18. Go have a functional urodynamic done. It shows everything under fluro. If not at least do a plain ole urodynamic. It's usually called a neurogenic bladder and it's very difficult to manage. Every person is different. I've been thru all the drugs… Ditropan (weak) then toviaz ( liked this one but it gave me blurry vision) , detrol (side effect Central and not strong enough), myrbetriq ( nope but closer), vesicare ( loved this one but still not strong enough got used to it. Quickly alone), now avoiding surgery. Last med try am vesicare pm myrbetriq. I am a happy camper so far…. Cross ur fingers cause if not… Interstim is next n last option. Meh. Good luck on ur road. Hope it's less bumpy than mine.

  19. I have intercysitis IC for short always had blood in my urin you might have it checked out I'm on elmron never felt better well worth my bladder issues

  20. Torrie Teffertillerr my story is exactly like yours. So I feel confident that I know what to tell you to do. Back ground first I was diagnosed three years ago too and at that time, bladder issues that had been annoying for sometime now became unbearable. I kept thinking it was an infection but test kept coming back negative. Finally I went to an MD that told me it could be Interstitial Cystitis but he wanted to test for cancer first although my symptoms didn't really point that way. He said if Interstitial Cystitis, all he could do us give a numbing medication. I didn't like the thought of masking the problem so did some research. It's another auto immune which tends to go along with Hashimoto's or any other auto immune disease. Because the lining in bladder is thinning, it is aggravated by acidic foods. While cranberries have something that can repair the lining, they also have high acid so that's not good. I used a supplement called cysto-protect. I think I remember it had the good part of the cranberry with out the acid and other ingredients to promote healing. I also took aloe supplement but I can't remember the name for sure but I think it was Dessert Harvest brand. I took these religiously for three months and it worked. Also I upped blueberries and took out acidic foods while I was trying to heal. I was in so much pain it was taking hold of my life and now it's fine. Just had to take away those things irritating it and give it time to heal. If it flairs up again. I know what to do. Hope this works for you too.

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