I was diagnosed with strep throat


I have a question, but I’m not sure it’s going to make sense…
I was diagnosed with strep throat, 8th or 9th time in 2 years, today. I’m concerned as to why I keep getting it. They prescribed clindymiancin, but I don’t want to take it. Do you have any suggestions? Tips? The pediatrician refused to test my kids, so I don’t know if they have it now or not. I’m thinking one of them are a carrier. I am a school bus driver and I was convinced it was from them, but I don’t have the same kids as last year. I’m sick of feeling sick. Any help!? Oh, and the mono test was negative.

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  1. Do you perform sinus washing, gargle with salt water, suck on zinc lozenges

  2. My mom swabbed my throat with a cotton ball soaked in iodine when I was 5 and had strep throat. I'm 51 and have never had it again. Knock on wood

  3. You should definitely have your kids tested (while a symptomatic) to see if one of them is a carrier.

  4. My son has strep with ZERO symptoms. Insist the pediatrician swab your kids

  5. you could use tincture of iodine and spray your throat…and alternate with colloidal silver

  6. Pets? Read an article about pets carrying it many many years ago in Parade Magazine. Treated our dog and we quit getting it.

  7. Try taking transfer factor from research nurtitionals

  8. Please take the antibiotics. The bacteria from ongoing strep can affect the valves in your heart

  9. Are you being re-infected from a toothbrush or a wind instrument? Just a thought …

  10. Unfortunately, untreated strep becomes Rheumatic Fever which damages the valves in the heart. I would, grudgingly, take the antibiotics and in the meantime get your kids and pets tested.

  11. Strep colonizes in that area if you have chronic sinus allergy issues. This manifests needing to clear your throat often or a history of chronic sinus issues.

    We've had success with gargling Accelerated Silver, by Accelerated Health Products which is much more absorbed than colloidal and Warm salt water.

    Taking Probiotic daily

    Dropping silver down each nostril and titling head back.

  12. Major debug…handles, countertops, toothbrush ALL of your bus seats, grab bars. Take the med this time …and yes, something is reinfecting you.
    Consider your own immune system and it's health.
    Silver is a good idea but don't drop it when you start to feel better. Go for 10 days.

  13. April Hubbard–a Naturopath recommended taking a probiotic before and then after taking an antibiotic in addition to your maintenance dose of probiotics–just some info to consider–but it isn't wise not to treat the strep and hopefully during treatment you'll find the "cause/carrier". 🙂

  14. My youngest keeps getting it. I did too when I was younger. Next time he is positive they will remove his tonsils.

  15. I am terrified of taking these antibiotics! I'm allergic to penicillin and omnicef and don't want to go through that again. It makes my anxiety go haywire 🙁

  16. I am on day four of taking Clindamycin for ten days, and decided to go ahead and take it AND eat lots of kefir and fermented foods and take probiotics through the course of the prescription and then at least three weeks after finishing the pills, after reading these horror stories. http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2011/01/26/clindamycin-can-cause-disastrous-diarrhea/ After trying to treat myself for a bacterial infection that started-out like athlete's foot at the end of July, I was trying to avoid taking antibiotics. Besides using Lotrimin Ultra cream which definitely worked better than other athlete's foot sprays, I tried many things including spraying the affected areas on my leg, ankle and foot with silver hydrosol, and taking orally drops of oil of oregano. Some things seemed like they were working. The situation got better then worse numerous times. After scratching, my shin became enflamed, then I ended up going to the emergency room Thanksgiving night and getting diagnosed with cellulitis. I regret I did not go to the company clinic before I suddenly got laid-off at the end of September, before it spread to my leg. Some things that seemed to be helping my skin infection clear-up have been spraying with Listerine, smearing with milk of magnesia, and smearing with hand sanitizer.

  17. April Hubbard—double check with a pharmacist, I don't remember Clindamycin being penicillin-based or a cousin of penicillin. I'm allergic to penicillin and i've had to take Clindamyocin before without any allerigic-type reaction—better to treat than have a heart transplant from rheumatic fever and heart valves damaged–just my opinion.

  18. What might be the best all around is for it to be cultured and to have a sensitivity done on it. May be that it is resistant and you need a different antibiotic. Then again after taking antibiotic to make sure it's gone. Change toothbrush etc. Antibiotics do a good job of killing germs, if it's the right type, right dose and you take all of it. Unfortunately, it can also become resistant.

  19. Unfortunately, Drs do not culture anymore unless you push it. Typically give a broad spectrum antibiotic instead! Be nice to know whats in ya huh? I agree with the toothbrush..

  20. Insist, piss them off and they will do it just to prove you wrong. YOU are your best advocate, no culture no antibiotic, get a new Dr.

  21. I found this website-
    http://www.sustainablebabysteps.com/antiviral-herbs.html. I was googling for kids and toddlers but they are anti virals for everyone

  22. Nancy Langsjoen, April Hubbard and Debra Hansen–I put my X through med school—the more a doctor orders the less they make if they are in a large practice or corporate practice, so my X stopped doing cultures so we would have more money in the "pot" at the end of the year—now he just hands out pills, or so I"m told. It's all about the money. LOL Debra, I am a huge pain in the behind with my insistence, try to be nice at first, and then I get more "assertive"—if I get to the point that I'm feeling really angry and frustrated, I just walk out and fire that doc—hard to do on Medicare and then I "get" a reputation as a difficult patient. I was a licensed health care provider for 40 yrs, and I am their employer and they are my employee, not the other way around—too bad Congress doesn't realize this either. Medicine, keeping us sick, is a big business and a really broken system—does not address us as human beings, but as a dis-ease.

  23. Try herbs..and you will never get it back

  24. Why don't you try to drink virgin coconut oil? VCO is believed as the strongest natural antibiotic in the world. There isn't report about allergenic cases after consume some VCO for human in anyplace.

  25. I will post the herbal protocol for resistance strep when I get to my buhners book at night.

  26. I use to get strept throat a lot. I had a tonsillectomy at 37 and have felt so much better and have not had it since

  27. Clyndiamicine is good for strep. I don't know if it's same family with penicillin. There is also a shot you can get but it's very painful and not readily available.

  28. I would think someone is a carrier. My son carries strep and I have to be very careful not to kiss him on the mouth or drink after him during the winter months. I have had very good luck with gargling peroxide and water after brushing my teeth, as well as adding 1 drop of Theives essential oil to my AM coffee. We had one horrible year where I got it 6 times, but we haven't had that happen again now that we know.

  29. You can actually have strep be dormant in your body especially if you have taken antibiotics in the past. you drive it into the body instead of getting rid of it. Using a natural antibiotic live olive or yarrow can get rid of it.

  30. Same exact thing happened to my family, my daughter the worst. She had it 9 times too. I finally screamed at the Dr for them to give her something that would stop this. It should absolutely not be occurring like this!! I finally spoke to a holistic practitioner. I started her on colloidal silver and bee pollen. Brought her 104.3 fever down within an hour where Motrin and ibuprofen were no longer helping. None of is have had it since. That was 4 years ago. None of us were carriers either. It's like it just lay dormant a bit, with a course of abx, and then rear its ugly head again every few months. Stop the abx, and start the silver asap. She will not turn blue so long sodium it's not used to speed up the electrolysis process. Give with a plastic or true silver spoon. I'd give 2 Tblsp. 3x a day.
    Sorry for errors… Multitasking at the moment.

  31. My guess is that your gut needs a rebalance. Sugar feeds strep! If you're suitably motivated, I'd have a stool test done to see if anything's missing, and if there's something running amok. GAPS recommends gargling probiotics too.

  32. I have not read all the comments, so this may be a repeat. If you have a dog….they are fequently carriers. That happened with me and my kids until a new pediatrician suggested we have our dog tested. She had positive strep test, was treated and it stopped our repeated bouts of strep.l

  33. I disnt read everything, but stress seems to increase chances of strep. I you can — sleep, hydration and more Vitamin C than ever would be very helpful, can you get any if those? We had a bout of that for a few years with our boys and myself. We bleached and disinfected ecerything possible each time. Best wishes to get well.

  34. I have eaten 1-2 raw garlic (organic) each morning and I haven't had as much as a cold in years.

  35. Took all three kids to dr today, they had the same symptoms and physical characteristics, swollen lymph nodes, white coating, enlarged tonsils, bumpy tongue and they tested negative! I thought for sure. Doc wanted to treat them all with out testing and I insisted they be tested. Glad I did. I will not put my kids on an abx if they dont need it.

  36. I have also heard that onion tea works…I have no problem making that homemade onion soup made with bone broth

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