I was just diagnosed with celiac disease


I was just diagnosed with celiac disease please help. Any tips? Advice? Recommendations? Anything will help me adjust to this big change! Thank you all in advance

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  1. Congratulations! Cook at home. Cook meals that you enjoy that are naturally gluten free. Anything processed you need to read the label on. Don’t eat Cheerios. The gf substitutes are going to be strange at first. Use this group! The fb groups helped me a lot through the years. Also know that while restaurants are becoming more gluten free friendly we always risk cross contamination. Most importantly you should start feeling better soon

  2. First of all, it is not as scary as it seems! Just breathe, you will have plenty of support here. Going gluten free is not as scary as it sounds, there will be a lot of checking ingredients on products. It opened my eyes and made me see how much junk I have been putting into me! I have a small gluten free shelf of quick “junk” foods but mainly have switched to fruits, veggies, and none processed meat. You will find your way, if you have questions we all will help!

  3. Read previous posts. Fastest understanding available. Good eating.

  4. Get a new toaster

  5. Nicole Cliñe …what Miranda Baugh said. Chin up. It gets much easier, more products hit the market and more are way better than even a few yrs ago. Follow it strictly a I promise you’ll be glad you did.

  6. Read labels….so many hidden names. I kept giving my child stuff with MSG b/c of hidden names 🙁 Tell family and friends to wash hands before touching you if you are eating with them. Buy your own cookware-my daughter had reactions to colander and toaster b/c we used them for safe and unsafe foods so we bought her all blue cookware, tupperware, etc. Everyone knows not to use her things, even has a separate cleaning sponge in a zip lock by ink. Don’t assume it’s safe-check all labels. I order walmart pick up so I can investigate all products for a few days, then submit my order. We avoid all “may contain” or “made in facility with….” b/c it’s better to be safe. She’s reacted to all things that had that on box. Meet Enjoy Life-it’s a quick fix if you need a quick bar or cookies. Remember a cookie is still a cookie-so don’t assume it’s diet safe b/c it’s GF…I had to train my daughter to understand that b/c she could live off the GF junk food thinking it was healthy. lol Even walmart brand pepper says may contain wheat/soy so research make up, shampoo, you name it. Good luck and use this page b/c everyone has great advice. Need a safe place to eat out??? Ask-you will get warnings and or great reviews and suggestions. Oh-don’t trust Natural and Artificial flavors….call the company or try to google it-or ask here…..some of those natural flavors are milk, wheat, etc. AARGH-yea, it’s not easy but it’s ok, you will learn and fast. You got this 🙂 Geez-remembering this too-medication, ask the Pharmacist if it’s safe for CD.

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