I was thinking about getting the paragard iud.


I was thinking about getting the paraguard iud. I’m thinking this group would strongly suggest I find another form of birth control, yes? Copper toxicity could become a problem? Anyone have any insight please?

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  1. Birth control pills have 5-7 iron blanks in them, which is insult to injury when most of the world is already overloaded with iron.

  2. I know nothing about this but Marissa Perez posed a similar question in a comment to this post and Morley Robbins responded: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MagnesiumAdvocacy/search/?query=copper%20toxicity

  3. Morley posted on copper iuds yesterday or the day before. Their ill effects cause more symptoms.

  4. I was actually part of a paraguard focus group years ago before the mass launch to the public (they were trying to figure out their marketing strategy basically) and the researchers kept saying, "But you know this doesn't have hormones in it, right? It's just copper. The copper alone will not allow pregnancy under most circumstances because it's capable of disrupting the hormones on it's own so it's 'natural." Um. If they admit the copper disrupts the hormones, then no thanks.

  5. Thank you, I just needed to hear some like minded people tell me it's crazy!

  6. I had paragard for 12 yrs and now serious copper issues
    Causes heavy bleeding in many. For me, it was awful at the end.
    Natural family planning along with condoms, diaphrams, cervical cap etc can be very effective

  7. As far as I'm concerned that thing caused my daughter's extreme premature birth 10 years ago.. and I'd had the IUD another 15 years prior to that. Scarred my uterine lining so the placenta couldn't attach above a certain point (where the scarring was). Born 3 months early and that was after 6 weeks in hospital trying to stop hemorraghing and contractions. I would NEVER tell anyone to get ANY form of an IUD. Never mind hormones or non hormones, copper or no copper.. If it doesn't fit into your uterus right you can permanently damage your uterine wall.. as I find out the hard way.

  8. I'm so sorry about your experience, thank you for sharing it's very helpful

  9. You're welcome.. and I had to correct, it was 15 years before, not 25 🙁 I admit I would be the exception. If women are having heavy heavy bleeding from the things (which I did), don't let them talk you into leaving it in a little longer.. "your body will adjust".. BULLSHIT. Pardon my curse. But it is. Planned Parenthood refused to remove mine for just about a year. At the time my health insurance didn't cover birth control (as it often didn't back in the day) and I was having to do out of pocket, so low cost clinics were it. Anyway, after numerous trips back saying.. umm… this isn't right, you know that? I finally went to a different women's clinic who were like "ummm, we really shouldn't, they put it in but they refuse to take it out.. yeah we aren't going to let you suffer" and took it out. I've seen women on boards talk about having issues with their IUD and I've shared mine and been told I was being dramatic. Well, I didn't know from like 1991 to 2005 that I had an issue after removal. I never used bc again.. I had no gyno problems month to month. But when I had my daughter,I confirmed the pregnancy at week 7, and I was in the ER by week 8 with bleeding.. Week 10.. Week 12. At 20 weeks I was told I had a "partial previa".. when another doc looked at the same ultrsound at 22 weeks she said "umm, no, you're a complete and we're signing you out of work". I was in the hospital for good a week later. I'm very lucky. I didn't hemorrage to death. And while my daughter is 3 months early, you'd never ever ever know. Not a single trace and we were told we had only a 20% chance we'd complete the 24th week (we were offered a termination the night before that benchmark) and only a 30% chance she wouldn't have serious issues. Apparently extremes very often have a place on their skull that is softer than anywhere else because it never fully closes right from their prematurity. She doesn't have that even. Anyway, now I'm quite vocal. If there are other methods why would you stick a foreign object up there to stay permanently/long term? I had my reservations when I did it but I had tried umpteen forms of bcp and couldn't tolerate the hormones.. should have trusted my gut.

  10. I'm so glad I asked about this, that's so horrible. I told my husband tonight no way was I going to do it.

  11. Look up the book "Taking charge of your fertility" by Toni weschler. It takes the gamble out of natural family planning. It really is amazing! And all natural! You can get it on amazon. Read some of the reviews, they are all awesome!

  12. Great testimonies here for other women to learn from,

  13. I would run from an IUD. But the ring was great.

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