I woke up yesterday with a very swollen right eye


I woke up yesterday with a very swollen right eye. Went to the ER and found out that I have orbital cellulitis ? I am on major/strong antibiotics right now. I woke up this morning and now it’s in both eyes ? Do you think that having Hashimoto’s can make us more receptive to infection? I had appendicitis 2.5 years ago and got sepsis after my surgery and I had to have a surgery on my bum a couple of years ago and found out from the surgeon afterwards that I had an infection in there ? I don’t want to be dramatic, but it feels like I am that person who gets the worst case scenario

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  1. Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's are not the same as autoimmune deficiencies like AiDS. We are not more prone to infections.

  2. “Luckily, the immune system is so robust and potent that in terms of autoimmune disease limiting its ability to perform its normal duties, the vast majority of patients can fight off most infections without a problem, despite the disrupted autoimmune process occurring simultaneously.”

  3. Sorry you are going through this! Hope you are well soon

  4. I know many with autoimmune diseases who are more prone to infection, myself included. Everyone is at different phases of Hashi, and some do not have as severe symptoms. So sorry, prayers you heal completely and quickly.

  5. I was told that it was connected – weirdly my optometrist first asked if I had hashi because I had a (rare-ish) eye infection called iritis. I confirmed I had verrucas I couldn't shift without being iced off, chronic urine infections etc. And apparently all connected!

  6. It's a good question. I know I've been suck more this year than I have in years. Idk if it is hashimotos or maybe my system was weaken by radiation last year. Guess I'll see as time goes on.

  7. Ugh i feel the same way, i always get those things doctors call rare, like MRSA, or severe preeclampsia, multiple infections, colds, flu a year… just when one thing goes away… i get another.

  8. In the last 6 months, I have caught every cold and virus that has come my way, being someone who never gets sick this has been very odd for me and it’s been terrible! This included catching the Coxsackie virus also known as Hand, Foot & Mouth disease which adults very rarely get unless their immune system is low! I asked a while ago if perhaps our immune systems are compromised making us susceptible and received a 50/50 response. Some say yes and some say no. I’m wondering if it could be that each person reacts differently, at different stages especially. Stress could also be a factor, I was in the start of a very stressful new job when all this happened. I hope you recover quickly, sorry this has happened to you

  9. Just had surgery on a hernia.. within 2 days sites were infected.. 2 rounds of antibiotics and a drain tube.. took over 2 weeks to heal

  10. Absolutely

  11. I am almost never sick.

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