If blood work comes back positive for celiac


Just a ? If blood work comes back positive for celiac do you have to get the biopsy of stomach

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  1. I would. That would be the gold standard of diagnosis

  2. Ok I’ve not heard of a bloodtest that shows celiac. blood test may indicate but not prove or disprove celiac, from what I know- only can be confirmed through biopsy with endoscopy but test should be done in a period when you have not been fasting glutan before, good luck 😉

  3. The biopsies showing celiac I believe are of the intestines, not the stomach.

  4. The recommendation from my dr and a 2nd opinion, was the blood test first as a general screening. Next, the gold standard is an intestinal biopsy. No one should go gluten free unless they have to as you miss out on nutrients you may not get enough of otherwise. While very rare, blood tests can wrong. If your dr suspects celiac, the only way to confirm is with the intestinal biopsy.

  5. Thanks for all the input

  6. I didn’t. I trusted the positive test results and how I felt fabulous immediately after going gf. Do what is right for you or what doc recommends.

  7. Ok, chiming in here. First a disclaimer. I am in the medical field and work with patients daily but DO NOT work with Celiac. Second disclaimer, I am not advocating either biopsy or no biopsy, I am providing information so that everyone can make their own decision. Now, biopsy is currently the gold standard in the USA and Europe for diagnosing Celiac. The current treatment for Celiac is a gluten free diet. In order to have the biopsy you need to be eating gluten for 1 to 3 mos, depending the research you are using, in order to determine initial diagnosis. So, why would there be a reason to have a endoscopy? Is it the final stamp of approval/gold standard other than piece of mind? There are 2 trials in 3rd stage of testing that if come to fruition, will minimize or eliminate the need for a GF diet. Typically new therapies are very expensive and insurances do not want to pay for expensive therapies unless all of the standard testing has been completed. So, this would mean that if you have been GF, you would have to go back on gluten to have the endoscopy in order to participate in these new treatments. I have personally had to work with patients that have run into these types of issues for various treatments. It is not pleasant for the patients both physically or mentally. So, to recap, endoscopy is the gold standard for confirming Celiac, currently the only treatment is 100% gluten free diet, there are new treatments in the pipeline for testing, if said treatments come to fruition – MOST LIKELY – insurances is going to demand endoscopy biopsy prior to authorizing said new treatments which will mean having to eat gluten for 1 to 3 mos prior to the endoscopy and all of the physical/mental changes that come with being \

  8. Thank you

  9. I have been celiac for decades. I was diagnosed LONG BEFORE the blood tests were developed. In fact, I participated in that research. The reason that they developed the blood tests is because biopsy is difficult and damage is spotty. Someone compared it to diagnosing the disease of the grass in a football field (USA or EUROPEAN) BUT you have a teaspoon and are allowed 4 tests digs with that spoon. How likely are you to miss the actual damaged parts?

    I have seen so many people with outrageous blood work and negative biopsy and vice versa. We need to have some better way of diagnosing celiac.

  10. My doc said I needed to to confirm celiac diagnosis. Glad I did. Severe anemia which led my doctor to do further blood tests. Biopsy helps me accept it more by seeing pictures of the damage I am doing. I don’t feel sick or have symptoms like most seem to so it knowing the damage is providing more clarity to why I NEED to do this.

  11. My doctors have told me its the only way to confirm the diagnosis But you have to eat gluten for 2 months prior to the test. I was already gluten free 2 years at that point so i never had the biopsy done.

  12. Following , as I’m currently going through this. Had a positive blood test and now I’m waiting for My biopsy which is in 3 weeks . I’m feeling pretty crappy and questioning if it’s worth it .


    My doctor said if the blood shows positive, you’ve got it. If it’s negative, then you need to do biopsy to determine.

  13. My doctor said your intestines are long very very long enough to fill up a backyard and if they poked and only had good pieces it could possibly give you a false negative so my doctor believes that the blood test is sufficient plus all of the circumstances that led you to go to the doctors in the first place

  14. I didn’t

  15. You do not have to do anything you do not want to do, inorder to get a “positive” there must be inflammation, which for me would mean eating gluten and wheat, which for me, would mean, horrible cramps, gas, bloating and whqt i call” southern aggression”, and not being able to leave a certain room in my house…….

  16. Rhonda good info on testing

  17. To my knowledge the blood test positive is enough for the diagnosis

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