if i can put any magnesium products on my face?


I have a lot face pain 24*7 for 8 yrs, i am thinking it caused by EMF problem(I have mercury toxin). I wonder if i can put any magnesium products on my face? has any one put magnesium products on face before? thanks

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  1. I have used magnesium lotion on my face. Don't know if it would help your pain but it seems to ease sinus and headache pain.

  2. what brand of magnesium lotion you bought? thxs

  3. I would try B12 (methylcobalobin….NOT cyano).

  4. I make magnesium body Butter wellness mama receipe easy to make and good

  5. I apply Mag-A-Hol to my face… and especially on those areas with pain.

  6. I have used mom as a face wash and have used the oil as a scrub…

  7. I put the mag oil on my face sometimes. (It doesn't burn/itchy anymore on me, I've heard, not sure it it's true or not but if your deficient it will burn/itch. It did stop itching/burning with me, after a few months.) You can put aloe Vera or coconut oil over it to help.
    What area(s) of your face is the pain at?
    I've been using the Mitosynergy supplements (check out the group: Worlds first proper copper) You can get free samples right now too. It's really helped me with a lot of issues! (Just make sure not to take any methyl vitamins with it, you won't need them. It's been my favorite supplement ever! Along with mag., of course!

  8. thank you all! a holistic doctor checked my magnesium level, it was not bad, and checked my Mag rbc, it was at the lower end. i have been on Mag supplement for many yrs, seem my mag is still low, and i just found out that i have pre-diabetic. I wish i knew this group yrs ago, then i knew how to correct this low Mag issue and avoid developing diabetic.

  9. BTW, When the holistic doctor checked my mag level, it was 6-7 yrs ago, it was not bad that time.

  10. I put my mag lotion on my face. I make and sell it too. I have different strengths and scents to choose from. http://www.etsy.com/shop/Indigosmglotion

  11. i bought MoM from dollar general store, but my face skin is dry, i tried iMoM, I think MoM is not good for dry skin,MoM is more for oily skin, i wonder what form (cream,butter,or lotion) is good for dry skin ?

  12. You could be allergic to the metal in the crowns,most crowns are made of nickel which apart from being toxic are highly allergenic.l had horrendous migraines for years caused by 2 root canalled teeth.you would be well advised to join a group which specialises in dentistry.The Mercury Detox Support Group x

  13. thank you Jackie Scoones. yes, the crowns is metal covered with porcelain. i had test from cliffort lab, i am allergy to nickel. thank you so much, your information is very helpful. is the mercury detox support group is on Facebook? i submit the join request. you have a wonderful day!

  14. Yes the mercury detox group is a facebook group.it does sound as if your crown is made of nickel,allergic reactions to nickel can include skin rashes and headaches xx

  15. Yes, my face has rosacea for many yrs. and many other healthy problem that may relate to mercury. thank you for your information.

  16. Jackie Scoones i wonder if you know any thing about qucikSilver and had any experience to detox with QuickSilver? would you share some experience if you do? thxs

  17. I haven't used it..but it is very highly regarded.. if you join the Mercury Detox Support Group they will be happy to discuss it with you..I am recovering from dental surgery at the moment,but am planning to start using IMD by Quicksilver to detox my gut from mercury once I have recovered.The Quicksilver protocol is designed to support the detox system and has the advantage over the Andrew Cutler protocol in that you don't have to wake up in the night to take supplements..the disadvantage is.. it is expensive.As far as I can see the Quicksilver protocol is the best around at the moment..but new products and ideas come on the market all the time xx If you feel you have problems with Mercury and Nickel it is worth researching and detoxing these metals..the truth is,once your body has started reacting to these metals,until you remove them you will continue to have problems..the body reaches a point of critical mass in terms of this sort of toxicity and starts to break down..how this happens will depend on the individual.

  18. yeah, i think it is newer than andy culter's protocol. thanks for sharing

  19. You are right..and Chris Shade is more up to date with his research

  20. thank you and good luck with your detox.

  21. I use magnesium oil on my face in the mornings and evenings for acne. It just stings a little. When I first starting using it, it made my face really red and stung a lot, but that doesn't happen any longer and my skin looks fantastic!

  22. Michelle Thomas. wonderful experience. i spread mag oil on my legs and arms, my skin always feel itch. on my face, i mix coconut oil and Milk of Mag on my face. my face skin is very dry, so i have to add cocnut oil in MoM. It helps, but my major problem is EMF, When ever i use pc, my face pain will be worse.

  23. Personally I favor Andy Cutler over Chris Slade, but no one is 100% right all the time. And some may have more success with one protocol vs another but someone else may find the other protocol works better for them.

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