if I have to buy a new pan and new everything for me only?


Hello everyone, I started my gluten free diet 1 week ago. I am wondering if this group is worldwide or only for USA Citizen. I am not in USA .. second question is that I have read a lot about cross contamination but I dont understand if I have to buy a new pan and new everything for me only? Third question I read heineken beer is almost gluten free can I drink it? I dont habe sympthoms when I eat gluten I was diagnosed by the blood. Thanks for youre replies.

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  1. We are a world wide group 🙂

  2. Oh great, as I have just joined.I am from India.

  3. I’m Canadian 🙂

  4. I’m in Canada

  5. I’m in the UK. Re contamination…you have to be very vigilant about this. Don’t share toasters bread boards etc. Keep your butter separate and ask people to use a clean knife/spoon in jars of mayo, jams etc. You should not consume even the tiniest amounts of gluten.

  6. My daughter ate gluten everyday until she was 7, no problems. Once we found out she had Celiac and she had to cut gluten out of her diet completely and then she accidentally ate gluten, she was violently ill. So be careful once you cut out gluten your body will become used to that and so if you have a beer, you will probably get sick. My daughter uses a separate toaster from us as well as separate butter, peanut butter, jelly, etc from the rest of us (we wrap them with colored duct tape). We are able to share the same pans because, for us, those we can scrub down so there isn’t any cross contamination but toasters can’t be cleaned like that.

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