if shampoo makeup hand lotions are a concern


New to the journey and have a couple questions..

One I get sick a lot since January I have had strep throat 6 times and influenza twice. I now have shingles. Yes I know walking germ fest right here lol. Dr said it might be because of my celiac not being under control yet as I just found out a few weeks ago that I was a confirmed celiac. Do others have low immunity ???

Two can someone tell me if shampoo makeup hand lotions are a concern I keep reading different things. Can I touch flour or wheat products aslong as I don’t put my hands in my mouth and wash them after touching wheat products ???

Thank you

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  1. With celiac your immune system is weakened. Always will be I use all gluten free products because I do get rashes and such from others.

  2. Messaging you Angela

  3. Yes on gluten affecting immunity

  4. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, hence all the other problems. You poor thing! With your immune system so compromised, I would totally avoid any and all contact with gluten.

  5. I used to be sick constantly and if tend to get sick now if I get glutened. Once my immune system crashes it can take me months to build it back up. The vitamins I take really help.

  6. I began figuring out my sensitivities about 6 years ago – gluten and dairy were found to be the culprit of about a million health issues. It took me at least two years to figure out the level of sensitivity I have – I have to use completely gluten/dairy free everything! My skin does not necessarily get a rash (sometimes does), but I was struggling with acne breakouts, super dry brittle hair and nails, etc. When I switched to g free d free shampoo/conditioner, nail polish, lotions, makeup, etc my skin got SOO much better. I use Kirkland brand shampoo/conditioner, NYM hair products, and SeneGence make up (I’m a distributor if you do want more info on products ?). Feel free to message with any questions!

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