I’m actually thinking of getting my tubes tied at this point


Not really a birth control question but I’m thinking about having my Mirena removed after only 2 weeks of having it. I’m actually thinking of getting my tubes tied at this point. Any opinions?

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  1. Whatever you choose don't get Essure, just get tubes tide nothing implanted. #essureproblems

  2. Roz, I told her I want it out, and she said wait a month. How do I get her to take it out?

  3. Marissa Madeiros you do have the right to have it removed. No healthcare professional can force you to use a method of contraception. Sometimes you have to be assertive with a healthcare provider, but they have no authority to make you keep the IUD.

  4. If u for sure want it out they can't say no and don't let them try to talk you out of it. I'd go with a mini pill. I will never ever use Mirena or the implanon agaqin (just my opinion!) When I want to stop something I will make it on my time not theirs! Also the side effects are too much.

  5. I'm pissed. I want to take it out myself. I should have the right for it to be taken out if I don't like it without waiting another month!

  6. That's how I feel my doctor will be. It took me three appointments to finally let her do it and now I don't want it anymore so I don't see her willingly doing it right away which isn't okay with me

  7. I want mine out. My doctor will not take it out. She never showed me how to check my strings either. I'm on so much pain from it,she told me to wait another month and THEN if I still want it out, she will take it out.

  8. I never felt my strings and I had each mirena in for 3 years each. I also never had a bad experience having it removed. Just because you can't feel the strings does not mean it is going to be difficult to remove. You may just have a high cervix and your strings my have been cut a little short.

  9. Lol it doesn't mean the doctor cant retrieve it sometimes they will dialate the cervix and use a instrument to gently find the strings and whem they do remove it it doesny mean it migrated or embedded or whatever sometimes it could be right in place and it happens

  10. Sometimes the string will go into the cervical opening yikes

  11. I had the mirena for two years and had it removed because I thought that it was just a pain. Turns out, my body had just changed. I felt exactly the same after the removal of my IUD. And I was also one who hated it in the beginning and had a long adjustment period! Of course IUDs are not for everyone, but they are highly recommended and effective. Typically your strings curl up around the opening of the cervix and its hard to feel them. Also, some times the positioning of your cervix makes things very difficult. If you are concerned, just make a trip to the docs and explain you can't feel the strings and you want to make sure everything is OK, no harm there.

  12. I certainly would. Removing your own IUD can lead to all kinds of problems, including perforation and infection. There's a reason you are told to return to a healthcare provider for removal. If you remove it yourself and end up damaging yourself, you will end up paying a lot more than you would have if you'd just gone to a professional for removal – a lot more.

  13. Which means I wouldn't be able to get it myself. Ugh

  14. It could be curled up in your cervix.

  15. I was having issues and my cousin is a nurse in the air force. She talked me through it and it was ridiculously simple. The doctor wanted me to wait 2 months for an appt and my iud was already halfway rejecting. Ridiculous.

  16. See I was told in supposed to be able to feel the string and I cannot. :/

  17. I would 🙂

  18. You'd be surprised at how many people remove it themselves. The nurse told me all they do is tug it gently anyways.

  19. Right? Who's paying $500 to have someone else tug the string? Not I!

  20. I removed my mirena myself. I didn't have the 1,000 to pay PP and I didn't have insurance. It was literally just a little tug. No blood.

  21. Oh my god I just cringe every time someone says they personally removed their own IUD. I would never ever recommend doing that! You have an obgyn for a reason!!

  22. If you want it out, they have to remove it. I removed mine myself, but i don't generally recommend it as a first course of action.

  23. Between the headaches and my mood swings. It's awful. Worst experience and I don't see my obgyn removing it willingly.

  24. I've been getting to the point of ripping it out seriously. I can't stand how frustrated I'm getting with my kids.

  25. I wasn't even sexually active or dating anyone when I got it lol

  26. Yupppp had mine for about 2 months and yanked it out

  27. Is that a Mirena?

  28. I had the Mirena IUD and yanked it out on purpose myself hated the damn thing! Gave me cysts out the a**

  29. I'll let you know how it goes after I get it done sam in February, I have 3 kids as well. In my state you have to be 21+ or have kids and positive you don't want more, otherwise they won't perform the procedures.

  30. After three babies and the last one having a heart defect it's safe to say I'm done. Lol

  31. I got added to another group a few days ago and they said it's not normal to have headaches and high blood pressure

  32. I have the liletta right now. I was told I wouldn't have any hormonal effects from it which was why I even got it. I suffer from mild depression as it is. I can't stay home with my kids and be sad all the time. 🙁

  33. Additionally, it is common to have side effects like this in the first few months – you're encouraged to push through them because as your body adjusts then they are likely to disappear.

  34. Have you considered switching to the Skyla? It's a lower dose IUD than Mirena. Alternatively, there's ParaGard, which is a non-hormonal IUD, so blood pressure issues and headaches won't be a problem.

  35. Completely understandable. I would talk to your doctor. I don't know if there is a 3 month time limit for those side effects like the pill has. It's been almost three years since I've had my mirena removed. After the three months on my pill, my side effects went away. It was worth the wait for me.

  36. I guess that would depend on you. I will say after number 3 I adamantly wanted a tubal, but several years later I'm so glad i didn't. Why are you considering removing the mirena? If there are issues you may be able to find a better option.

  37. I'm 22 with three little girls. The Mirena is causing me severe headaches and it's affecting my blood pressure. Having three small children and the mood swings it's giving me is not good for my kids.

  38. If you are thinking about getting your tubes tied please dont let them talk you into essure !! Essure is horrible. If you want more information please join essure problems. Also if they agree to tying your tubes you need to make sure you write NO ESSURE !!

  39. I'm not sure tubal litigation is worth it. There have been numerous cases where women have still ended up pregnant. It's rare but it happens. If you ever want to have kids for sure, you can have the mirena removed. I'm very iffy on tubal litigation, only because pregnancy still happens.

  40. The Mirena is statistically more effective than a tubal ligation, so if you're looking for more protection against pregnancy then I'd stick with Mirena.

  41. Depending on what your issues are, I'd honestly give yourself some more time to adjust to the Mirena. 2 weeks isn't long enough for your body to adjust.

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