I’m almost certain I have a magnesium deficiency


I hope this question is appropriate. Im almost certain I have a magnesium deficiency. The nurse comes out Monday to take blood for a rbc magnesium test. Today I got out in the pool for about two hours and I dont feel good at all. I think the hot sun messed with my electrolytes. I have nausea, headache, internal tremor, etc. Ive just been drinking water and eating bits of banana, pinch salt, tiny bit of calcium, and mag water. Thats all I know to do. Pounding heart and weakness kinda scary. Doesnt help I developed runny diarrhea. I certainly messed up. The gains I had made supplementing with mag seem to have dissapated per the pain and weakness. Even typing this I feel shaky. Does sun do this to anyone else here? Hopefully I’ll feel better Sunday.

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  1. Could be the chemicals from the pool

  2. You may need some zinc to even the mag n calcium out to benefit u too

  3. A bit of banana and a pinch of salt may not be adding enough eletrolytes. Can you make and drink the adrenal cocktail, too?

  4. I'm unlearned about this , but do know that magnesium helps me to have a bowel movement. Maybe you weren't suppose to be in the sun because of some of your

  5. Those are very classic symptoms of heatstroke. You need to hydrate and push electrolytes.

  6. Proably not MJ. Everyones asleep and I dont feel like getting up.

  7. Medicine. Besides how long were you in the side?

  8. I had issues in 2009 that I would have described similarly to the ones you have. In the worst moments, the thing that helped me the most was cold water with wheat grass powder dissolved in it. I bought mine from hacres.com but you can get other brands at the health food store.

  9. You need to find out now what you need. Get Mike to call a dr. or whoever can tell you for sure. Mike will get an answer for you.

  10. I thought so too rheanna. I guess ill drink just plain water wo the mag. Ive been taking mag two weeks and I think Ive gone up too fast. Doc diagnosed me with Lyme the past seven years but figured out on my own that its mag deficiency because Ive never gotten better until… I started magnesium. Scary stuff like muscle weakness to the point I cant pick up anything with my hand. Magnesium the past two weeks has corrected so many things, thats its extroidenery.

  11. Sorry::How long were you in the sun.?

  12. Hi Lola. Mom. Forgot I added you. Uh oh. Ill be alright. He went all day yesterday and is asleep

  13. Dont think I have zinc here. This is all so new. Im looking at a totally different cause of all my symptoms now. Its crazy. I think the tremor is a little better. Thanks guys.

  14. Have you taken your blood pressure and pulse? I've read not to be in sun more than 15 minutes.

  15. You definitely need more potassium, daily requirement is 4,700 mg, it would take a lot of bananas to even get close, and being in the sun depletes you even more. Potassium deficient is the cause of so many health issues, fatigue, insomnia, depression, constipation, muscle weakness and cramps just to name a few. I purchase powered potassium bicarbonate and add it to my hydrating electrolyte powder, I get from Shaklee but finer grocers have similar powder, and I add 1/4 tsp of potassium and I do this twice a day, and that's besides foods with potassium. Magnesium and potassium is a great combination, they both play a major role in our health..

  16. Glad someone remembered potassium lolo reminded me I needed some

  17. Being in the pool for two hours under the hot sun, I bet your low on potassium and electrolytes. If you have coconut water on hand that will restore your electrolytes. It's better than Gatorade.

  18. I survived the night lol. Feel better but still weak. Gonna buy coconut water first. Ive been taking lots of supplements per Lyme. Something called ATP Fuel. Been taking everything I know to restore mitochondria. Like CoQ10, acetly L carnitine, etc. without realizing for my ATP, magnesium is essential. Began Magnesium Malate, 3 pills @ 425 mg and have been increasing last two weeks to about 700. The thing is Ive been depleted for so long that even at two pills I had clearer thinking but also weird sensations like pain in my ear, slight headaches, etc., that came and went. This is all very strange to me and im just trying to do what I need to, to get well. Thanks everyone.

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