I’m confused on what Hashimoto is?


Hello all. So I joined this group to get some info on Hashimoto… I was diagnosed this a few months ago through blood work.. I was put on meds. I went in for a thyroid ultra sound a little after, the results were that I have a lot of nodules on the tubes.. So next step is a nuclear scan with radio active iodine later in the week… I’m confused on what Hashimoto Is? What does it Do? Are there things I need to change? Like my diet? Is the only way to help it is by the throid meds? I’m lost, and confused. Can someone please help me. I would love to know the cons of this disease? The ins and outs? The things I need to be doing to help better myself. What are the symptoms of this? Is it like anxiety and depression.? Thank u all so much

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  1. there’s so much to learn. diet is so important. the domino effects of hashimotos lead to severe places. i’m reading Autoimmune Fix by Tom O’Bryan and i find it incredible helpful.

  2. There is so much to learn!!! You will be doing a lot of research and reading over the next years. You will be finding your balance and finding what works for you. Everyone is different even though we have been diagnosed with the same thing. Always be an advocate for your health. Find that one medical professional who will listen to you and not just look at lab results. You want someone asking how you feel. Diet is important…gut health is EXTREMELY important. So much to tell.

  3. I recently did a green smoothie detox cleanse and was amazed how much better I feel. So I would say diet makes a huge difference. When my thyroid levels fluctuate it feels like being on the edge of a panic attack. I also have a heat intolerance. Also people complain of being in a brain fog. The detox definitely cleared that up for me too. Personally, I would say of all the autoimmune diseases to have, I would rather have hashimotos than the others! Lol
    I can say I never suffered from depression.
    I would have to say diet is a huge factor in how you feel.

  4. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 3 years ago, have been on meds for it. But I don’t sleep, I feel like I’m always in panic attack mode, my skin gets really dry, especially my face, I’ve been breaking out, my throat often feels like it burns, I get in moods where I feel like I can’t get out of bed, but also know if I lay there, I’m not going to sleep, if I don’t keep busy, I’ll loose what little energy I had. Any of these things sound related to what u guys are experiencing?

  5. Alllllllllll of it!!! And when you get on thw right levels and combos of thyroid meds…some to most of that will balance out

  6. Diet, stress management, rest and listen to your body.

  7. Start by reading “The Root Cause” by Dr Wentz.

  8. Didn’t the doctor talk to you about the diagnosis at all? Go to YouTube and watch some videos about hashimotos and diet recommendations. Isabella wentz is an author who is an expert, she has written a couple of books on the subject. Good luck.

  9. There’s a great book my doctor gave me Hashimoto’s thyroiditis something like that has all the answers. But I think she goes a little extreme for me. We’re all different I’ve never needed to have the medical procedures and tests that people on here had. I got completely off Dairy soy gluten and I’m really careful of corn and eggs. I make sure to have protein like chicken and meat that is hormone and antibiotic-free last thing I need is more hormones I’ll have night sweats and hot flashes. I also got put on seleniumthoinine (sp?), B12, iron, zinc. I do really good boss 52 lb workout 6 days a week. I still get fatigued definitely vertigo and dizzy spells but I am a million times better than I used to be. For me and the gal that wrote the book diet in the right supplements are the absolute key. And exercise if I don’t workout I am so tired and I can easily get foggy and depressed

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