I’m curious about hair loss.


I know that it’s probably been asked before and I apologize in advance, but I’m curious about hair loss. Mine is either getting worse or I’m just really paranoid about it. Are any of y’all experiencing this or have experienced it and what in your opinion helps? Thank you.

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  1. Since I started taking nature thyroid my hair is falling out

  2. Im losing mine as well. I’ve been taking a hair skin and nails supplement that contains a lot of biotin. I’m also going full AIP starting tomorrow-if you are going to take supplements make sure they are AIP compliant.

  3. Me! I just had to buy a Halo hair piece because mine is so thin that I can see right through it and I have a bald spot too ?. I’ve been taking Tirosint and T3, biotin, iron and a really expensive clean vitamin, gluten, dairy and soy free…nothing is helping and it has progressively gotten worse in the last 6 months. At this rate, I will need a full wig by summer


    Sweetheart, this is not your imagination, you will have hair loss. My dermatologist helps me with mine and also my hair dresser. Listen to a couple of these replies and ask more questions esp. about your thyroid meds. All these women have experience and know what to tell you. I am 70 years old so I just do what my doctors tell me to do. Knowledge is valuable and it also makes you feel more confident about what you are going through. Everyone who has this disease feels as if they were side swiped by this thing. Just remember it is all attitude, you can learn to live with just about anything. Once you make up your mind that it isn’t terminal, it isn’t cancer or any degenerative disease you can be flexible and roll with it. Count your blessings everyday. Love you.


    Just remember you are not alone. There are so many others fighting this battle along side you. Sometimes I have to take a break from FaceBook, but normally any way I can help you or be of service to you, you can usually find me here.

  4. I lost my hair on Levothoxrine for about 5 months and then it just stopped and have been fine ever since.

  5. I’ve been on synthroid since July and was hoping that it would halt my loss but it hasn’t. Everyday I fill my drain with hair after I shower, and I shed so much! I’m a teacher and I leave a hair trail on my students desks as i conference with them :(.

  6. Stephanie, I lost hair like crazy at first for a long while and what came back wasn’t like it used to be. I keep a color on my for texture. The OB/GYN who originally diagnosed me suggested for me to do that. She was diagnosed with Hashimotos at the same age as me (she about 10-15 yrs older than I) and has gone through lots of the same things too. It helps to have a listening ear and know what has worked for others. Unfortunately, what I am discovering is that what works well for one person doesn’t always work for others. Keep your head up! You are beautiful and you will survive this!

  7. I’ve had some loss, eyebrows may be most noticeable for me though. Im going to ask to have my testosterone levels checked.

  8. Ugh..I battle this constantly. I stress so much about it, I’m sure thats not helping either. Everyone in my family has such thick beautiful hair (I use to) its embarrassing.

  9. As long as I keep it right around shoulder length it’s nowhere near as bad!

  10. Check vitamin D levels and bring them up into high range . Use omega fatty acids, fish oil, flax oil, borage oil, and add evening primrose oil. You should have both T3 and T4 into range. You should be on nitritional supplements which include magnesium, selenium and zinc, plus you should test for heavy metals, and make sure you are not toxic with them, especially if you have a high RT3 reading. Thyroid Summit 2014 mentioned if RT3 is above 10 you need a hair test., as heavy metals prevent thyroid T4 from converting to T3. Always work on healing your gut. AIP Diet is used a lot with thyroid people. B vitamins need to be in range and folate. Ferritin levels in range. Parasites can also cause weak hair, and can cause problems in the gut. There is more , but this is a good start.

  11. 15 years on meds. My hair is thining. It makes me sad. I used to have full beautiful hair. I use nioxin now which helps.

  12. I have been reading about using organic castor oil in the hair and I have a friend who says it has helped her

  13. The Levo does that apparently. My Dr instructed me to take Biotin to help with it.

  14. There are many ways to stop hair loss. I use rogaine

  15. Yes , my hair is thinning on top . I have to part on side to try to cover spot,

  16. Getting your level of medication controlling the thyroid and vitamin d!

  17. Ferritin has to be around 80, I think, to help with hair loss. I second all the stuff Tina Ensley was suggesting. I’m on compounded T3 and T4, AIP, fish oil, magnesium, selenium, vit d, and started eating liver, my hairs not falling out anymore

  18. Thank you all for your information. It is ver much appreciated.

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