I’m getting a IUD implant soon


Hi, this may be a strange question but I’m getting a IUD implant soon and I’m considering a copper one over the low hormone mirena, since it is a coper implant would it have nasty side effect over fake hormones?

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  1. It's really confusing because it's what the doctors recommend these day

  2. I would definitely not- too many risks and will dysregulate your copper, which is not easy to fix. Hormonal bc is also bad news, so I highly recommend fertility awareness for bc. I've used that very successfully for 6+ years. Get the book "taking charge of your fertility" and learn the method there. You can also get a fantastic free app called kindara that helps you track your cycle, and there is a community board in the app where you can ask questions and get support.

  3. They mostly just put them in and off you go. They don't deal with a lot of the issues and problems unless it is for the removal. Seriously. Seen it all. And the doctors do push them lately. It's the latest birth control fad with the mirena coming out. That's the one you basically lose your period over so lots of women want that one. Copper T is cheaper but lots of issues.

  4. I have a friend, after she got her iud her bp keeps shooting up to 180/110. I can't get her on the protocol, but her bad health started with the iud. She is now on 3 bp meds, with a 4th for when it goes over 100

  5. I think both are a bad idea but I guess if you must I would go copper before Mirena.

  6. Mirena made me, literally insane! I lost a ton of hair and still losing years later, felt sick all the time, cramps like crazy, anxiety through the roof! I wanted to die! I would not get that thing again, ever. Not for a million bucks!

  7. Don't do it!

  8. Birth control isn't healthy period.

  9. Mirena is really bad

  10. Great question & feedback from many.

  11. I had one for two years and I suspect it's what propelled me into adrenal fatigue. Plus, there is a very heavy period after insertion for a week or more. Then I got an infection a month later which sent me to the ER. My cousin got pregnant with one in and luckily was able to carry to full term.

  12. I now use Clue for tracking.

  13. I've read about a ton of IUD's also implanting into the uterus and the only way to remove is a hysterectomy. That's kind of scaey

  14. Have you looked into Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control? If you follow the rules (a lot of people claim they got pregnant using FAM, but it is because they didn't follow the rules) you won't get pregnant.

  15. An IUD with progesterone (i.e. Mirena) releases synthetic progesterone and makes it harder for sperm and eggs to move and the increased hormone keeps the uterus from forming a lining. Patients have had complaints of breakthrough bleeding while some patients experience an absence of their period. While others have a variety of issues with the added hormone.
    A Copper T (i.e. Paraguard) The presence of copper increases the levels of white blood cells within the uterus acting as a spermicide. Patients have complained of heavy painful periods after insertion. Experiences vary patient to patient but neither are free of side effects or potential risks.

  16. I can't/won't take hormones. Tried the copper iud and had horrible side effects. Doctors told me it was all in my head and there no way it was true iud lol. Started recovering after removal Proceed with caution

  17. I've had both. Copper for 10 years which caused copper toxicity followed by 2 Mirena coils in 4 years. My body rejected/ejected the first one. Caused my joint hypermobility and pain / EDS to be significantly worse. Also it's supposed to stop your periods but I was having them every 2 weeks! Had to have it taken out. Neither worked for me.

  18. Ask your care provider for some evidence based information so you can make an informed decision and weigh out the benefits/risks. There are risks with all birth control. Insertion is not painful for everyone. Yes it can be painful and yes it can make your periods heavier but that doesn't mean that is everyone's story. It does not cause abortions, the copper kills the sperm. In some cases it can fail and cause an ectopic pregnancy. Please find evidence based information. Have you looked into this group? You can join and ask this question in this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fertilityawaress/

  19. Create future uti problems.Urinary tract infection

  20. Yes great discussion. I have used natural fertility awareness for years successfully but the elephant in the room is that I want to have sex when I'm fertile and not so much when I'm not, and condoms just take too much of the intimacy away. Catch 22! I don't know what the answer is… I thought it might be vasectomy but we've been hearing some negative stories about that too lately. Argh…

  21. I got the Mirena coil put in back in March.took the doctor half an hour to insert.and it wad uncomfortable.but no periods.and no bother with it.should of done it long ago.

  22. I never had any trouble with copper IUD

  23. Id suggest you google Dr Lara Briden.
    Her book (can buy cheaply as an ebook) is a great read into helping you decide.

    She is an Australian Dr FYI

  24. Wow thanks ladies! Glad I asked the question, I'll ponder it for alittle longer me thinks

  25. I'm on my 3rd mirena coil wouldn't be without it….15 years of pain free, migraine free, clot free heavy periods that used to last nearly 3 weeks. Never feel a thing when it's changed either. I read all the horror stories and was dreading it but it's been great xx

  26. Every body responds to a giant piece of copper differently. I got copper toxicity and a serious guilt trip when I realized it doesn't prevent conception, it makes your uterus unfavorable for implantation. That along with the pain, copper toxicity, and possibility of it puncturing my uterus was enough to get mine out. Look up how often it "goes rouge" and has to be surgically removed. Also, be prepared to spot the signs of copper toxicity if you do get it. It took me a bit to realize my small issues were linked before it got bad

  27. Mirena made me balloon and depressed

  28. Mirena support groups are full of horror stories.

  29. I had it years ago, it was bad, bad for me. Wouldn't recommend

  30. It was horrendous for me. Constant pain, heavy periods and my skin broke out worse thn ever…I wanted it t work to come off the BC pill but nope…I'm back on it in. Hope it works for you.x

  31. It's a good option if you want no hormones. Unfortunately, mine perforated my uterus and I had to have surgery. I ended up getting a tubal ligation after that. Glad I did, no issues there other than healing!

  32. I loved my copper IUD, wish I still had it in. Once it came out tons of problems. But we all have different health issues or should I say deficiencies, so hard to know how it would or wouldn't be for you.

  33. Look up Mirena and lawsuit & decide if you still want one. Spontaneous migration, perforation of the uterus… I wouldn't risk it.

  34. The one I had for awhile was extremely painful and I'm not the same since. As I said I went to ER for removal, it was bad.

  35. I havd had good luck with nuvaring. It's not permanent but you change it once a month, very fast & simple. Birth control pills gave me stomach issues all month. My gyno actually suggested the nuvaring over a permanent IUD because there are so many issues with IUD. She said if the nuvaring isn't right for you you can just take it out.

  36. Neither. I had the paraguard for 9 months. I started bleeding heavily and it didn't stop for 6 weeks and led to my severe anemia. Also, it is sold as a "non-hormone" birth control. Copper raises estrogen and estrogen raises copper. It's a vicious cycle.

  37. Copper is implicated in Alzheimers.

  38. Rita Tout Court

  39. The wrong kind of Copper, ie not bioavailable, can wreak havoc with your body.

  40. The copper can wreck you thyroid cause depression xhronic headaches weight gain. I know someone who got pregnant with triplets with mirena. These things that u stick in your uterus to make it not work properly are bad news. A combination of Fertility awarenes method and diaphragm or spermicide or both works well for many.

  41. Ellie Greenwood I just felt the need to share that I was on birth control for about six years and not knowing…hormonal birth control of any kind is pretty harmful to the body. Doctors are even unaware sadly. Birth control actually depletes minerals and vitamins from your body and suppresses all the natural hormones you would normally produce. If anyone ever wants to find a more natural approach and feels frustrated I highly highly recommend the daysy. It's a certified medical device that uses the FAM (fertility awareness method) to measure your basal body temperature that engineers and medical professionals in Europe developed with 30 years of research for accuracy and reliability. https://www.usa.daysy.me
    I really recommend checking it out. They also have a fb group where all questions can be answered. I've been using it for three months now and would NOT go back to hormonal birth control.

  42. Abstainance is the safest

  43. Hated mine! And it caused lots of health problems. Don't do it!

  44. I've had the Paraguard for almost 13 years. It's been fantastic!

  45. I had no trouble with my first marina iud but my second become a problem, couldn't find the string to get it out.
    Had to have surgery to remove.
    Now I have been diagnosed with high copper toxicity and it's most likely from having the IUDs.
    Re think your choice would be my recommendation

  46. It may be worth considering a diaphragm

  47. Chelsey, this thread has some good info

  48. Ellie Greenwood Do the research before making your informed decision. I believe some already have too much copper in their bodies from the environment e.g copper pipes that leech copper into the water. I also believe my health and my children health suffered because of my choice to use a copper coil. I wish I had been better informed when choosing it as my preferred choice of contraception. I also wish the medical establishment had been more informative…..but it was the 1980's!

  49. For starters…Morley Robbins says "……Copper will cause a loss of electrolytes because of its nature and that's what is behind hypertension and heart disease and we can go on down the line….."

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