I’m having anxiety and hormonal issues


Can anyone help please – I seem to be over sensitive to everything (alcohol, caffeine, blood sugar fluctuations , changes in hormones, medications, etc…) plus I’m having anxiety and hormonal issues (it’s worse right after my period stops , then at ovulation and then the week before my period starts I get really scared and don’t even like being on my own at all 🙁 it’s a constant rollercoaster
I came off the pill 5 months ago and tried progesterone cream for a short time but have found it made me worse especially when I stopped using it
Any advice please especially on what helps with anxiety ! (I notice the anxietys worse too if I’m tired or hungry ) feel like I’m living in hell

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  1. I started taking magnesium Glycinate in July for these issues along with some others. Honestly it has really helped me a lot. The crazy anxiety over nothing is nearly gone. Hopefully you find some relief too.

  2. Have you checked into histamine intolerance? Google the low histamine chef.

  3. Omg this sounds like me… I'm miserable almost every day..

  4. Look into totally eliminating grains from your diet, while adding Mag, D, B complex, and coconut oil. All the symptoms you mention, plus a whole list more, were eliminated when I gave up all grains. A lot of our foods are the biggest cause of our ills these days.

  5. This supplement isn't usually recommended by this group that I've seen, but I have good results for anxiety with it.
    Allergy Research Group Zen — 200 mg – 60 Vegetarian Capsules https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002C4X5VS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_kUGJyb5B5K4VF

  6. Read pinned pinned post n do full protocol for max benefit blood test n HTMA

  7. This sounds like me! Sensitive to everything even hormones( the same times as you) thankfully not much anxiety. Grain free for the last year hasn't changed anything.

  8. There are a whole lot of threads on anxiety. Please use the Search tool and read some of them, too.

  9. Congested liver

  10. Read Dare: the new way to end anxiety and stop panic. Honestly no matter what is causing the anxiety, it's best to learn to accept and process it, as well as taking care of any health related issues.

  11. Eliminating dairy, processed sugar, and caffeine has helped me in just one short week, along with already being gluten, soy, corn, & nightshade free. It is tough, but worth it in my opinion.

  12. Seed cycling may resonate with you…It's helps promote the right hormones for which phase of your cycle you are in…like shifting gears in a car, it helps to make the shifting from one phase to the next smoother. I don't know how this would fit into the protocol recommended with this group but it helped me when I had very similar issues. Also just a thought but CBD oil helped me with my anxiety……..https://theherbalacademy.com/seed-cycling-for-hormonal-balance/

  13. Increasing ceruloplasmin can help stabilize estrogen hormones. They can be out of whack from copper disregulation. Can be the cause of blood sugar issues, anxiety, menstrual issues.

  14. Belinda Brzezinski,
    What do you Eat?

  15. Same exact symptoms here for many years. I spent thousands on naturopath doctors and regular doctors. No help. Most of all the previous comments I have tried already. I am a research guru, and I have pretty much tried it all. The only relief I ever got was when I was pregnant and than breastfeeding.

  16. Estrogen is Iron dominant and you need bio available Copper to make Estrogen / Pregesterone is Magnesium dominant and you need bioavaliable Zinc to make Progesterone…With that said you could rub magnesium on your knees not sure why this spot works for preogesteron support but it does and increase magnesium zinc foods. Healthy butter fats to help increase hormone production in your favor along with fat soluble fats Like Vitamin A. Another aspect to helping the body get into rhythm I have used is essential oils Frankincense for the first half of the cycle (1st day of flow until the 15th day) then switched to Sacred Frankincense for the remaining days of the cycle until the 28th or first day of flow. This is kinda like manually shifting the hormone cycle until your body get more in balance and you get more of this porotcal under your belt Take Care Leslie…..

  17. Are you by any chance using soy and would it be GMO soy any & everything begins with the stomach have you checked for leaky gut?

  18. EXACT SAME FOR ME starting as I slowed down breastfeeding about 4 months ago… doing mag glycinate all cofactors and ACV for iron chelation. Also doing twice weekly acupuncture. All have helped tremendously thank God but still not 100% back to normal so boy and I following this

  19. U sound like I used to.. get gluten out of your diet! Follow ancestral diet. Follow this page get tests done.

  20. Ditto on the gluten, and sugar. I tried the red meat of ancestral diet but it made things worse… I believe red meat best as a condiment if any estrogen dominance issues.

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