I’m having hip replacement surgery in a week


I’m having hip replacement surgery in a week, and my surgeon is adamant that I take an iron supplement twice a day before and after the surgery. I don’t want to do this, but don’t want any complications with the surgery either. I only started really following the mag protocol a few weeks ago. Wish I had started sooner

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  1. Some ideas
    Increase whole food Vit C, eat liver and grassfed beef, add a whole food iron supplement

  2. My midwife recommended the combination of nettle tea+alfalfa +dandelion roots to increase iron levels. I feel that it's a really good source of nutrients & makes me feel stronger.

  3. My other problem is that I'm on a low oxalate diet for kidney stones. Many of the good things in whole food iron are high in oxalates. I'll keep looking though….thanks!

  4. Is one brand of dessicated liver pills better than another?

  5. Eat liver with kiwis, I do that once a week and 3 times I take Iron only normal dose with dinner. Drink silica tes 2 weeks for the kidneys

  6. I also drink sometimes dandelion

  7. May I ask where/what is good silica product or food? TIA

  8. Fiji water has 93 mg/L silica
    Dont know how much we need.
    Contains bicarb too

  9. I buy silica as horse tail the plant, the herb, in South América We buy the herb straight away at markets

  10. I just had 2 knee replacements in a week. They just told me to eat more protein before and after.

  11. You have the right to refuse! Also be sure to ask which meds/vitamins will be given after surgery. I've seen calcium, vitamin D, enoxaparin (blood thinner) and Pepcid given afterwards as well as iron.

  12. Don't take it. My brother had double hip surgery – no iron! Get on stationary bike after for rehab!

  13. I'm asking lots of questions. I learned the hard way not to just trust blindly everything doctors tell me. The hardest thing is to get them to guarantee that all meds will be gluten free as I have celiac.

  14. What is your Magnesium RBC value? Ask for Mg IVs before, during and after surgery. The stress of surgery plus the drugs will deplete Mg. Mg is important for bones.

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