I’m in the process of being diagnosed celiac.


I’m in the process of being diagnosed celiac. I had an EGD done for something else and a biopsy came back positive for celiac. They are sending me for blood work now. My question is, does anyone else get extreme headaches with celiac if they’ve been glutened?

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  1. Following

  2. I have not had a migraine since going gluten free.

  3. Yes and they last days.

  4. I get migraines if I’ve been contaminated and sometimes for days.

  5. Yes. Hurts so bad I can’t see straight.

  6. Yes the following day for me, if it’s bad it lasts me days and hurts my whole body.

  7. I am so sorry this happens to all of you. But also so thankful I’m not crazy 🤪 I was gluten free for a couple weeks then told to go back on gluten to have my blood work done. The day after eating gluten I had such a bad headache I couldn’t handle it and I went to the ED for pain management (I’ve given birth without pain meds).

  8. I do and I can’t see. Last for weeks and months.

  9. Yes, but not since going gluten free.

  10. I wouldn’t say mine were extreme but I had daily headaches. I hadn’t even thought about it being related to gluten. About a month after going GF, I realized it had been about 2 weeks since I’d had a headache

  11. Yup, migraine strength. I feel like my head is going to explode

  12. Yes when I get glutened I feel like I have the flu


    Yes, Insane headache with gluten. I get very negative and. That’s how I know. Also my ankles swell up.

  13. Yes horrible and gas and pain

  14. I feel like I have finally found my people. On day two post gluten I got the absolute worst headache I’ve ever had (I’ve had babies without pain meds). I’ve been told because it’s a headache I can’t possibly have celiac.

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