I’m losing my hair, have horrible brain fog


I went to the Endo. and she ordered new blood work. I got my test online and everything is normal, except my TPO and it 35 the range is 0-34. I went to a different lab. Last time I went to Quest and my TPO was 13 IU/ml and the range was <9. The ranges are so weird. I feel crappy. I'm losing my hair, have horrible brain fog, and more. I don't understand. Do I still have hashi's. So frustrated.

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  1. Different labs may use different units of measurement. It does look as if you have Hashimoto’s. Have you had an ultrasound? Are you on thyroid medication?

  2. Remission is 2 or under. You will always have Hashi, meaning even if it goes into remission it could come back. It’s more about symptoms than numbers. Yes, please get a new doctor. I recommend an integrative medicine doc or a naturopath. I recommend having your hormones checked, and have these levels checked: D, B, iodine, magnesium. Go gluten and dairy free if you aren’t already. Try to get on LDN (low dose Naltrexone).

  3. I posted similar. Changed Dr’s and ran through all the blood work. My thyroid level was in normal range AFTER being off meds for about 4 months. ?!?!?!? I don’t get it either. I don “feel” normal. Still can’t lose weight etc

  4. Magnesium Malate also crosses the blood brain barrier

  5. To answer your original question….if you have high antibodies you have hashis. You may not be hypo yet based on lab reports, but still feel bad. The autoimmune response you are experiencing can cause many of those symptoms. TPO is generally controlled by diet. I know first hand that thyroid meds will only do so much. Lifestyle and diet are key to eliminating symptoms.

  6. Hashis doesnt go away.

  7. Do anyone of you have hands that shake? I get it, and the endo. said it has nothing to do with Hashimotos. I swear I read it some where, that it a common symptom.

  8. WOW! I wish my TPOs were at that range. In Feb the machine could not read them. It was reading >2000. It could have been more. Changed from Amour to Nature to WP and as of April TPO was reading 895 and I lost 26 pounds. Baby steps! I’ve learned that it is normal to become immune to your thyroid meds after 10 years of using them. So it’s okay to change. Check to see if it’s your thyroid hormone that may not be working for you. Best wishes.

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