I’m not gluten intolerant anymore.


So, 25 years ago some doctors took some blood from 6-year-old me. When the results came back they told my mother I can’t have anything with gluten. I vaguely remember not being allowed to have bread, but my grandmother sneaking me some once and my mother was angry with her. I didn’t understand then. Then 3 months later they took some more blood, and 3 months after that again, the 3 months after that, they told my mother I was fine now. I’m not gluten intolerant anymore.

Fast forward to a very depressed, anxious, bloated, tired, hopeless adult woman sitting in a doctor’s office 2 weeks ago, telling her doctor that she’s been from doctor-to-doctor and nothing ever helps. I named all the symptoms, all the different medications and it just never gets better.

So the doctor very casually says, “Have you tried cutting gluten out of diet? You are describing all the signs and symptoms of Celiac Disease.”

And a vague memory of a little girl taking bread from her grandma in secret, hit me like a hammer. And slowly all the dots started to connect. Falling asleep in classrooms and church, trying so very hard to focus. Coming home from school and just falling down on the couch and sleeping. Never wanting to really go out with my friends because it seemed like an exhausting thing to do.

Being referred to as lazy, unproductive, unmotivated.

Being anxious in every situation ever … Dropping out of school.

Right into adulthood, after work I’d be so damn tired, just flopping down on the couch and sleeping, unable to keep my eyes open. Pains in my body that I thought were unrelated getting worse and worse. Joints, female parts, anxiety and depression and the list goes on.

I’m angry. And right now that’s all I want to be. I’ve researched and researched this thing and I feel like if I hear the words gluten free or Celiac one more time I’m going to throw up.

But this is my life now. This should have been my life for a long, long time.

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  1. Much love to you. ❤ You are not alone.

  2. Thank you for sharing…I’m a mom with children who I have to restrict and it’s hard between their complaints to keep it up. Your story provides me with the motivation to get it done bc it’s what’s best for them. You’ve got the power now so best of luck learning to regain control. I have a feeling that you will be so much happier.

  3. Best wishes to you as you change your lifestyle. It’s tough at first, but as you start feeling better, you will gain motivation and never want to go back. The increase in health is so worth the effort @

  4. I can relate. I have been misdiagnosed for over 30 years and have had alopecia since I was 3 along with other lifelong symptoms. All to finally be diagnosed with celiac. I deal with anger about this almost everyday since being diagnosed. But I am also thankful that now I finally have the answer!!! It’s like I’m truly being born again in my 30s.

  5. I feel the same now as an adult they couldnt figure out what i was allergic to when i was a kid so i just dealt with it…now i know its so depressing…

  6. I have a question…Is anyone who is gluten intolerant affected by drinking Diet Cokes? I keep gaining inches because I am addicted to diet cokes!
    I have had these CD symptoms all my life, in varying degrees, but I thought everyone had diarrhea one day and constipation the next. I could not figure out why I required more sleep than any of my friends thru high school and college. I could not understand how I could eat fast food for a few meals over a fun weekend and gain 6 – 7 pounds…and my friends, who ate the same fast foods …PLUS drank beer…did NOT gain weight! I was 60 years old before I found out I was gluten intolerant! I finally knew why I had spent my life being a “watcher” not a “doer”!

  7. It’s okay to be angry. I’m working through that anger myself. After my mother died I found a notation from one of my doctors that said “Eliminate all wheat. Wheat is in these items:….” She never even tried. And my life looks a lot like yours, but I’m quite a bit older so more damage has been done. Changing now is better than changing later, or never. Let that anger fuel you into health.

  8. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. I’m having my son tested soon. At least, if need be, I can improve his quality of life. That brings me some peace.

  9. Marydel Santiago, Marydel Santiago, Mari Tere Santiago, Angel D. Rodriguez Rivera

  10. I know I was excited to go gluten free because I wanted to get better. Later I did cry a little bc I missed my foods from when I was little in Europe, that was my most favorite time in my life and now I couldn’t travel back in time with taking a bite of French bread, or a croissant. But I tell myself I am thankful that I have this because basic foods are now basically poison and I have to avoid them bc of this condition. I have always tried to choose healthy for the most part, lol trusted the FDA, but learning about my disease took me down all different paths to becoming aware that we are actually way better off. It does suck bad during holidays, but I make food too, other kids& family bday parties I make enough GF cake or cupcakes for everyone so my son doesn’t feel like he’s missing out or weird. Everyone loves what I make. I think I try to constantly find reasons to be okay with this Disease so I don’t have to think about what I use to have. Just think of the worst ex you had, and how much you liked him at one point, then he hurt you. Lol call gluten products his name… idk

  11. I am going from doctor to doctor 26 years now since 5. I have lots of problems, people, family, friends, boyfriends thinking i was just crazy saying i hurt and i feel sick on many ways, thinking i was telling lies and wanted to be fat, lots systems of my body with problems…still not officially diagnosed. Misdiagnosed until May. A doctor told me you have celiac with no symptoms by the time you don’t have diarrhea when you eat but we won’t do anything yet, come again in 1 month and we will see because it was his time to go home. (Most doctors do so in my country and he talked to me cause they forgot my appointment and i wasn’t leaving) So i cut off gluten for 2 months. I am a wanna be pastry chef so hard enough. I tried 2 weeks ago to eat gluten, a garlic bread i made about 50 grams. I was sick 2 weeks, with aches, feeling unable for anything and seen symptoms never saw before. I have depression some months now, problems with my memory, loss of sense with toes, joint problems etc
    Noone understands me. People think gf products is a trend and not so easy to find at super markets gf goods. People staring at me when i ask if they have gf. One day i didn’t find rice cakes and i was crying cause this was the only thing i could find near me and it’s part of my food as they eat bread. Then they understood. They made a section with gf products, small but it’s ok. Now i am 5 days gf again trying to find food choices around me. Even 1 hour ago my parents said, ” eat gluten with a bit you won’t die, you are weird etc ”
    Believe me, after so many years today i understood that being sick getting fat and lots others things that led me to go to doctors all these years were just symptoms of celiac that noone ever told me.

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