I’m not sure if i have celiac or not, no diagnosis.


I’m not sure if i have celiac or not, no diagnosis as yet. I went to see my gastro yesterday and left feeling rather deflated.
So I’ll give you some back story, sorry if it’s long, I’m now 40 years old, I’ve already been diagnosed with an arthritic condition, and under a rheumy for that.
Between bloods for them and gp they noticed i have a fluctuating ALT, so they sent me to gastro for liver tests, after a biopsy i have no fatty liver disease or anything else wrong. So yesterday was my first appt after my biopsy in march.
My daily symptoms are: painful joints (presumably due to the arthritis), higher stomach pains, loose stools ( to the point some days I’m scared my wind isn’t only going to be wind ?), bloated, wind, tired, headaches, dizziness, depression, recurrent carbuncles.
In my 20s I had 2 miscarriages and two of my children were low birth weights. I was also HPV positive for years, with recurrent abnormal smears.
So my questions are, is it possible to go this long before a diagnosis is thought of? I’ve also struggled with being slightly overweight for years, so is it possible to be malnourished and over weight? And my consultant has agreed to test me, but said to leave it 5 months and to do the tests before my next 6 monthly review, is that normal practise ??
Sorry for the long post, but left feeling really crappy after my appt yesterday.

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  1. I am.morbidly obese and diagnosed with celiac. Totally possible

  2. Thanks, my consultant seemed really dismissive of me and didn’t want to hear what I wanted to say, literally cut me off :-/\nAnd although he agreed to do the tests, leaving it for 6 months made me feel like he felt it wasn’t important :-/

  3. As someone who was told “I could test you for celiac, but that’s just way over diagnosed, so I’m not going to,” I would say PLEASE keep advocating for yourself. Go see a different doctor if you have to. I went almost a year after I’d been told that before I finally realized BY MYSELF that gluten was my issue.

  4. I agree with Rene. I know it can be difficult to get some Drs to listen (do they plug their ears during training 😜) but I would go elsewhere or ask him again to do your biopsy as a matter of urgency. I waited 13 years for a diagnosis because no one listened to me They thought it was all in my head.

  5. Thanks, altho not sure where to go from here :-/ if i go back to the gp presumably I’d have to wait for yet another referral to go through :-/

  6. I had a miscarriage and my daughter was born low birth weight with little amniotic flus, also my placenta was not nourishing her

  7. Don’t delay. Get tested ASAP. Undiagnosed celiac could be the explanation for your entire medical history.

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