I’m prepping for my endo appointment next


I’m prepping for my endo appointment next week at the U of M. Last time they reluctantly agreed to let me stay on Nature-thyroid (65mg) & my labs have improved except my antibodies. My question is, last year at this time I was 143#. I’m now 116#, non-intentional. I’ve had documented right flank pain since 2014…..can you think of any other autoimmune diseases that could cause my symptoms? I have numerous other symptoms such as foggy eyes, a new ganglion cyst on my wrist, left arm numbness, super annoying clumsiness, have trouble getting my words out, extremely low blood pressure, body temp will go from 97 to 99+ just by me getting up & walking around, I soak 3-4 shirts a night with cold sweats & recently I’ve been having cold flashes, not hot, cold. Then I sweat a ton….while sitting doing nothing. I welcome any ideas, thoughts, suggestions. I’m GF, clean eater, don’t drink, all the right supplements, protein & nutrient intake daily. I also do yoga. Anyone??

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