I’m really hating the depo shot.


Just wanna say that I’m really hating the depo shot. I got it back in October when I lost my baby and didn’t get another dose in January and since it trying get out my system it screwing my monthly up ..I having more like weekly ugh

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  1. Well, let's hope it doesn't take that long! Thank you! (:

  2. Alexis Renee it can take up to 2 years for your normal cycle and fertility to return after the depo is discontinued. It's unlikely to be that long, but it is possible.

  3. I was on depo in October 2014 and a month after I had the injection I started to bleed continuously every single day. I was scheduled to go back Jan/Feb 2015 to get my second injection. I did not go due to the bleeding. I didn't want to deal with it anymore. However, I am still to this day bleeding every single day.. Does anyone have any idea when the bleeding will stop now that I am off of the shot? Otherwise, is there a way to try to get my cycles back on track? I heard about taking the pill, but I am curious if it would actually help. Like I said, I am not on the shot anymore, and I saw the previous comments. I know it is pretty much the same question, but I was just curious if it is at all different to stopping the constant bleeding once you are off of the shot.

  4. I done that one and it was place wrong and rubbing my wall made me bleed . we use a condom just because I'm scared get pregnant now and wanna let heart heal and body get slimmer

  5. I would suggest using condoms, and perhaps combine it with the pull out method. You could use another hormonal method, such as the pill, but while hormonal birth control (other than the depo) doesn't cause direct weight gain, it can increase appetite and make you more lethargic – might make weight loss more difficult.
    You could go for the copper IUD, which is non-hormonal, but that method is more for people who want long-term protection against pregnancy.

  6. I'm going to I'm focusing on losing weight I just didn't wanna have accident and got preg than lost another baby while body trying to go back to normal

  7. There has been no link found between depo and miscarriage, but it's so dodgy that it wouldn't surprise me if there was actually a link yet to be discovered. It may be better for you to wait until your normal cycles have returned before trying for a baby. Not only to eliminate the depo as a possible cause of miscarriage if you suffer another, but because it will give you some time to recover from the previous two.

  8. I'm almost two months since suppose get last dose

  9. I done blood test she say I'm in normal rage just not understanding why my periods are jack up

  10. I understand completely! I lost 2 as well at 37 weeks and 20 weeks and almost lost my last one at 25 weeks so I'm on edge with this baby. Have them do a blood test to make sure you're in the clear and see where your hormone levels are. Maybe that might ease your mind.

  11. OK thank you I'm just very scared to try since I had two lose last year 6 months apart don't want buried another baby

  12. Well I'm 19 weeks today and my baby has been exposed to the shot the whole time. Everything seems normal for now but my doctors did say it can cause a miscarriage or birth defects.

  13. I know some women take up to 2 year but other say 4-6 months for cycle to go normal. If you get pregnant while it still in your system is there a chance of miscarriage ? I lost two baby in two pregnancy last year between 15-18 weeks and I'm scared if I get pregnant before its completely out my system I have another lose

  14. Unfortunately the pill won't bring back normal cycles or normal fertility. While you're on it, you'll have an artificial cycle and it will most likely be regular, but once you come off it you will return to whatever your cycle was before you started it.

  15. Well I took pregnancy test and I'm not I'm just getting off it now and if I have to take the pill for body back to normal I will .. I hate the depo . stupid choice on my part

  16. I got mine back in October too. Didn't go back in January cause i was feeling weird. Found out I'm pregnant! LoL.

  17. It can take up to 2 years for normal cycles to return. Sorry :/ I always advise against that method of birth control.

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