I’m really struggling with depression/anxiety.


Good morning! So I’m really struggling with depression/anxiety. I want to know thoughts on anti-depressants. I took some when I was 16 (not sure why any 16 needs anti-depressants, I think I was just dealing with puberty) and I had an awful experience. Needless to say, I am very nervous to try them again. I’m so sad all the time. I’m worried about everything. I can recognize that it’s mostly because I never feel good and because I’m always in pain. I should also note that I have an 8 month old baby girl so I guess PP could add to it. I also want to ask about CBD oil. If anyone has tried it, is it worth the price? I’m very interested in going that route because it’s more natural. Thank you!!

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  1. I would avoid anti depressants at all costs. It does not fix the depression, only band aids it and is nearly impossible to get off of without withdrawal symptoms. Therapy, support, sleep and healthy lifestyle are the real solutions.

  2. I would make sure your levels are optimal (they fluctuate a lot with pregnancy-during and after). Depression and anxiety many times are an indication that your thyroid is off. Most doctors will blow this sign off b/c of postpartum.

  3. There is no shame in depression and there’s no shame in antidepressants. Unfortunately with antidepressants it’s trial and error until you find the best one for you.

    For your statement that your not sure why any 16 year old needs anti depressants just take a look at teen suicide and that answers the question.
    A good friend of mine is a mental health activist and she always says we all need the same things, just some of us have to supplement store bought for what our bodies lack. Same as we take thyroid hormones.

    I hope you’re seeing a therapist and taking professional advice. Sending love and hugs.

  4. I felt horrible after my pregnancy and it lasted almost 2 years. Way beyond PPD. I should’ve gone for help. My thyroid levels were off. I could not take anything hormonal for birth control after getting Hashimoto’s. It made me anxious and depressed. It does take awhile sometimes to find the right antidepressant/antianxiety med. They’ve improved in the last few years. I’m a huge advocate for medication. It saved my life.

  5. I was on Zoloft for 2 years and it made me feel soooo much better! Yes, when I finally decided to come off of it, I didn’t wean like I was instructed to do, so I did have withdrawals. But, it was well worth it because the feeling I had without the medication was far worse! Borderline suicidal! Please don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help! And there’s nothing wrong with taking meds if it gives you back your quality of life! I quit needing my meds once I turned to faith and became saved and spent time in the Word. It was miraculous for me, but I know it’s not the case for everyone. Best wishes and hope you feel better very soon! Such a crappy feeling

  6. I take Lexapro and I actually feel like my old self. People can call it a bandaid all they want, but I couldn’t go on feeling the way I did.

  7. My opinion and experience- stay far far away from antidepressants. Worst time of my life was having those in my body, and the weaning off of them. So brutal. I’ve been taking cbd oil for about a week and a half now, and already feel the difference. It slows my heart (which is always fast due to anxiety) and gives me a “lighter” feeling. (No I’m not high- it has .03% thc) it is expensive but worth it in my opinion! I’ve been taking clonazepam for my anxiety which is a terrible drug to be on- but haven’t taken one since starting cbd! I’ll send a link if you are interested in what I’ve been taking.

  8. I take celexa which has been amazing at keeping my emotions very level without bring a zombie. Definitely talk to your doctor about options. It made a world of difference. Hashi affects our emotional balance

  9. I’ve worked as holistic health coach and have seen people including myself successfully manage and overcome depression. And I’ve never once seen it antidepressants do the trick long term. \n\nMessage me if u want to talk for free. \n\n1. Diet. Full of healthy fruits and veggies with enough good fatty meats and fish. \n\n2. Day lite. Light box in the AM, orange glasses at night. Every day. \n\n3. Exercise. 20 min of cardio every day no exceptions. \n\n4. Sleep. Bed by 10 no exceptions and natural sleep aids as needed. \n\n5. Hormones. Sometimes thyroid isn’t enough. Bioidentical progesterone and testosterone were my personal missing links. \n\n6. Vitamins and minerals. Methyl Bs and folate are huge, magnesium spray, inositol. I’ve had clients get off of meds just by using doTERRA, Shaklee, or Garden of Life vitamins. Omegas are huge. \n\n7. Gut health. This is huge. Fix problems, heal gut lining with aloe and l glutamine, and probiotics probiotics probiotics. Studies show reversing depression with probiotics alone. \n\nLastly herbs and oils can help too. Kava, ashwaghanda, and Copaiba essential oil is a mom hallucaginic cannibis. But if everything else goes right u may not need these.

  10. I got put on Zoloft after having my youngest. He is almost 5 months old.

  11. I actually just had an appointment with the doctor yesterday and we talked about this. Lexapro has been working ok with my anxiety but has caused decrease libido which caused tons of problems in my marriage. I asked about Wellbutrin which counteracts that effect when taking with Lexapro but it’s adding another med to the list. He said Wellbutrin is not as good as Lexapro so he wouldn’t recommend it by itself.
    If I could go back I would try to deal with depression another way. I was wanting to stop my meds when I was feeling better but my doctor told me of the withdrawals and also said sometimes symptoms come back stronger so I decided to continue.
    By the way… what are the symptoms with withdrawals?

  12. Be very careful with lexapro- weaning off of them, I had constant brain zaps and have never felt as suicidal as I did then. Scared the crap out of me. Take a good 2 months at least to wean yourself when you decide you are done with meds.

  13. I have had some success with CBD oil, but everyone processes it differently. It can range from $90-$120 bucks a bottle. Mine lasted me about two months.

  14. Anyone here considering going off their antidepressant should understand tapering should be done in 5% increments or less, in a span of 2-4 weeks each time you lower it, to allow for the brain and body to find homeostasis before continuing to lower the dosage. Any faster, you are inviting withdrawal symptoms.

  15. Unfortunately I take two. I finally gave up fighting it. I’m just better with them. I take Prozac and Wellbutrin. If they told you you were diabetic would you resist medicine?

  16. Hi all. So my original post was not intended to push opinions, be judge mental, or make anyone feel negative. I simply wanted to know what works for people. My comment about trying antidepressants was only to show I’ve had a bad experience. I know they work for some people and I do not doubt that there are other options. I don’t want to cause anyone anxiety or put anyone down. Thank you for everyone’s help! I feel better just knowing I am not alone. My S/O just told me I seem like I’m in a good mood after reading everyone’s experiences.

  17. I take wellbutrin and I feel a lot better than I had before. Sometimes it’s about knowing that taking something will help your quality of life. 🙂

  18. Would also be interested in CBD oil…I do acupuncture and breathing/meditation prayer for emotional and physical well being.

  19. Do a Candida cleanse.

  20. I’m using cbd:thc 3:1 ratio oil. I’ve been much happier since starting this. That said, I also take 40mg Prozac daily.

  21. I also brew my own Kombucha, take vitamin D, and eat clean as sanity allows with periodic cleansing.

  22. Try using lavender oil

  23. If I were you I would research the Candida Cleanse (I lost 20 lbs just with the cleanse) and ensure you are eating healthy fats too!

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