I’m scheduled for a breast augmentation.


Hi there! Although I’ve been diagnosed for 6 years, I’m a newbie to this group. I have a question that might be controversial so please be kind! ? After my 2 very enormous babies (the largest weighing in at 11 lbs) I’m scheduled for a breast augmentation. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancies going from a B cup to a E. ? I’m left with skin flaps basically and it’s completely ruining my self esteem and turn, my relationship with my husband. I’m curious if anyone has had a breast augmentation after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and whether or not it made your symptoms any worse? Thanks again for being gentle with your responses.

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  1. One of the things you should consider is back pain, as a person with auto-immune disease, chronic pain is something that we can develop.

  2. Following. Considering the same

  3. My daughter has Hashimotos & had breast augmentation after her kids with no problems. Good luck!

  4. I just had a breast augmentation in June. No problems here so far! Good luck!

  5. I have had mine done twice. Each time there’s a lot of problems with scar tissue. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone else

  6. Glad I did it several years ago! I honestly think my Hashi’s symptoms are just related to Hashi’s. I had a reduction only. Went from DDD to C+. Thrilled.

  7. Before you do that, go see a hormone specialist, and get on some nutrition, zinc deficiency, C deficiency, and hormones can be part of the issue, and I dont think and good Doctors will do the surgery, too soon after a baby, but you didnt say how long ago, . they may be willing to do a breast lift sooner, dont know. Try to get some elastin creams and do massage, and start with a breast lift, with my Hashis I had a large breast increase from B to DD, Hashis being so unpredicatable, it could happen to you, also. Definitely get well checked out before you do anything, and remember , we are harder on ourselves than anyone else.

  8. Ladies, in response to this conversation, I met the criteria for overall good health and was post menopause by a few years when I opted to have this surgery. I also went to the top surgeon in town (where my own GYN had her reduction done.) I was at my ideal weight and my children were out of grade school. No diet,oils or creams could have done what this surgeon did. She did an amazing job. I no longer have the neck and back issues I once had and can exercise in a whole new way. I am very against putting implants in. If you go to a surgeon who is up to date (she is in her 30’s) on the latest techniques, you really do not have to do that. I sent a few girlfriends to my surgeon and they were also amazed they didn’t need implants. But I agree with Tina. If you just had a baby, you need to wait it out a year and half until your hormonal balance is back. You also need to get to your ideal weight that you think you will be able to maintain. Stephanie Dix-I also had huge babies and I am not a very big person. I gained 85 pounds with my two children but got all the weight off eventually at the YMCA and a low carb diet. The key is also making sure you are the right dosage of med. So hard after the babies because you are tired from being up at night. So really ask around who the best surgeons in your town are. See if the doctors are using them (a real sign of a good one!)

  9. Stephanie Dix-I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 8 weeks after the birth of my 2nd and final child (although I now believe I had it long before then.) I had an obvious attack on the thyroid going from hyper to hypo with a TSH close to a 100.

  10. Honor Moor she isnt wanting a breast reduction, she is wanting implants, because her breasts swelled then dropped back down. We were thinking of options to help her look more attractive, vs the danger of the implants, and scar tissue.

  11. Thanks, everyone for your input. To answer some questions, my youngest is almost 3 and I’m down to my pre-baby weight. I do take lots of natural supplements for my Hashis including a. Selenium blend. I see a naturopath for my thyroid care and have been happy. I really don’t suffer from many symptoms anymore, with the exception of the occasional fatigue and cold intolerance since trading my Synthroid for Armour, removing gluten and adding supplements. I did inquire about having a fat transfer but I’m a thin build and don’t have enough fat to take to fill my breasts. I’ve also been told my 3 surgeons that a lift is necessary but not enough. It’s literally, only skin left and it lays completely flat down to my ribs. I was mainly wondering if anyone who had already been managing their hashis, got implants, and had flare ups or an onset of new Hashimoto’s symptoms. I’ve heard of people developing an autoimmune disease after implants. I’m just wondering if getting them after a diagnosis could make things worse. Thanks so much to everyone that’s taken the time so far to give me some insight.

  12. Short answer…don’t do it. I was the picture of health when I got mine done. 5 years later, my health declined and declined and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and eventually Hashimotos. I had over 40 symptoms. Got my implants out in March of this year and am feeling wonderful! My thyroid levels are better than ever!

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