I’m scheduled for hernia repair surgery.


I’m scheduled for hernia repair surgery on December 10th and I had my pre op checkup at the hospital today.

They took some blood for testing, I signed some forms, and talked about my meds and supplements with the nurse. She told me to stop all vitamins and herbs today, and after discussing my concerns about stopping specific ones, she said I could keep taking NSAIDS until a week before surgery (I use them 2 days a month for cramps, and it’s just about that time) and that the melatonin is OK until the day before surgery. She also told me to check with my PCP about some of the others.

I spent most of the morning researching each and every supplement I take. About half of them do, indeed, think the blood, and I moved them to a box so I wouldn’t take any by mistake. So no ginger, turmeric, or rhodiola for now, even if it means more fibro or arthritis pain. I’m a bit worried about mood stability and energy without the rhodiola.

I’m not about to stop taking Proberry, an elderberry and whole food C supplement that’s part of Dr. D’Adamo’s “surgery support protocol.” And a web search for “magnesium and surgery” turned up a Dr. Circus page on the importance of adequate mag stores before surgery.

But I couldn’t find much about B vitamins, MSM, boron, bladderwrack, or eyebright before surgery.

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  1. Wow, sad we have to do so much work. Hope it's not too stressful for you and hope the operation goes well.

  2. Amazing . I wouldn't Go against doctors orders but i personally would feel fine about taking water soluble minerals for up to 72 hours before hand. You could alternatively eat more nutrient dense foods during this time … Easier said than done w hernia. I have one and I know how it feels to be out of fuel!

  3. Good luck with the surgery. Big hug

  4. Praying the surgery goes well! Good for you for doing all that research.

  5. Best wishes to you Ruth….. I don't think that last group will thin blood. MSM softens blood vessels.

  6. Good luck Ruth, The Vitamin C will help with the healing and reduce scaring. I hope it all goes well.

  7. Hope you are taken care of well Ruth. Prayers are with you

  8. Does anybody know anything specific about B vitamins and surgery?

    Another thing I was wondering about. I'm supposed to take a shower the morning of the surgery and use a special soap after my usual one. I'm wondering if it would be smart to use mag oil that morning, before the shower. The reason I'm not just saying "more Maggie is always better" is that I'm also going to be fasting; no food or water after 11 the night before. Will the mag oil while fasting make me too dehydrated?

  9. Ruth, they have these rules in place to avoid any supplements interfering with blood clotting or anesthesia. They allow NSAIDs because they are very familiar with its affect on clotting. They really don't trust our witch doctor potions. For your own safety, I'd stop everything as they request except for the mag which I would stop three days before. I wouldn't deviate from their morning of surgery protocol. You'll be home within two days of your surgery and you can restart everything then. Best wishes for your surgery. Be well.

  10. Oh, and its an outpatient procedure. Unless there are complications, my daughter will drive me home that night.

  11. "Does anybody know any specific reason I need to avoid B vitamins?" – I took B-complex before and after an inpatient surgery.

    Hope your surgery goes smoothly, and wish you may have as little stress as possible, pre- and post-op! Hugs x3C3

  12. Please be careful. I almost died from umbilical hernia surgery.

  13. I would ask for the Mag RBC blood test now. Then, ask for a MgSO4 IV before, during and after the surgery.

  14. Thanks for that advice, MJ Hampstead but I've heard that there are sometimes bad chemicals mixed with IV's. How can you be sure there aren't any? Is there anything you could request? Also if your magRBC levels are okay, why would it be good to have the extra in the IV? TIA.

  15. Ruth, I can imagine how stressful is must be to stop those protocols that help you feel so much better ; If I could offer anything I would embrace the mindset that all will be well, to " surrender" to this procedure! The mind too is a powerful medicine Ruth !
    You will be home soon, and then you can go back to your protocols!
    Be gentle, don't worry , you know the drill, stress is depleting Magnesium! Warm hugs, take good care! I will keep you in prayers if you like and send you healing energy!

  16. Ruth Lanton I believe that magnesium is VERY important etc, but also believe if you're having so many problems that you must look at the big picture. IMO one of the most important things with the big picture is looking at your gut health. Adopt a leaky gut diet with lots of probiotics etc and if you haven't already, pls see a Functional Med doctor. HTH! Pls keep us apprised as others may learn from what you do. Good luck!

  17. As energy worker, I like to suggest , with approval of Ruth, that we hold her in our hearts and send her healing energy on the day of her surgery, Dec. 10th! Knowing the specific time will be helpful!
    If you wonder what affect sending loving thoughts will have, google Dr Hashimoto and praying for water!
    Our words and thoughts have on impact on our body. We are 89 % water, so imagine how our thinking can affect our health both negatively and positively.

  18. Hmmm, I received an email that said you were home and had no sign of infection, but don't see it here Ruth Lanton sounds like you're doing okay!

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