I’m scheduled to have my thyroid removed.


Sooooooo, I’m scheduled to have my thyroid removed in a couple weeks. How good/bad is this? My biopsy came back abnormal and they say 40% chance it’s cancer.

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  1. I would get a second opinion.

  2. If there’s a 40% chance then removal sounds like a good solution for your peace of mind. Are you already on thyroid meds due to hypothyroidism or was it just suspicious nodules?

  3. I can’t speak to the cancer angle but as far as removal, those I know who have had it done have never regretted it.

  4. I had my thyroid removed last July, biopsy showed nodules were benign but my thyroid was huge. My incision was 2 times bigger than what is normally done. I feel so much better though since having it removed.

  5. i myself had half removed due to nodule, i never would have done it if i’d known back then what i know now.

  6. Are they taking the WHOLE thyroid, or just half to biopsy first? I had half removed… Biopsied while I was on the table. Had it been cancer, they would have continued with the rest of the thyroid. Thankfully, it was NOT. I still have the other half. Life has been about the same since.

  7. Well, here’s the thing — thyroid cancer, if it does not spread, is very curable. However, if it DOES spread, it’s a death sentence. The only reason I went through my partial (and I did get a second opinion) was that the type of cancer it was would have been extremely deadly if it spread. I decided not to take the chance. Correct me if I’m wrong, Dawn, but I’m assuming you must have what appears to be cancer on BOTH sides of your thyroid, and that’s why they want to take out the whole thing. Is that right?

  8. If that’s not right… I would question why they aren’t going to biopsy the “diseased” (as they called it) half — that is just the half with the nodule. I would NOT let them take both sides.

  9. Also… Make sure you get a VERY good surgeon. I had a recommendation, and I’m so glad I did! He did a wonderful job. A few serious things can go wrong in a thyroidectomy. You want a skilled surgeon removing it.

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