I’m trying bee pollen for my B vitamins.


I’m trying bee pollen for my B vitamins. Those of you taking bee pollen, do you just take it on a spoon and wash down with water? Simple as that? Or do you put it in a smoothie or on food, etc.?

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  1. You can do it anyway you wish…but go slow when you first start out. A few grains…

  2. with a spoonful of honey

  3. I mix it in my egg and coconut oil, let the yoke soak into the pollen to soften it up.

  4. I let it dissolve under my tongue.

  5. I'm thinking of trying this too but do you know if it's ok with MTHFR? (Sorry if I'm hijacking your thread).

  6. Amanda well I just gulped a few granules, hopefully not too many, less than a half teaspoon, but more than one or two pieces 🙂 Fingers crossed. Thanks all of you for these quick answers

  7. Elizabeth it's great for you to chime in. I want to know that too.

  8. Thank you! Lovely of you to post that.

  9. I've been just taking a 1/4 tsp straight, but I swear it makes me tired. Is that possible?

  10. Vickie Sutton I if you have corn allergy, you could be reacting to the bee pollen

  11. Feeling sort of woozy after my first bee pollen, taken just over an hour ago.

  12. If you have allergies yo grasses, trees, etc, should the bee pollen be avoided?

  13. You should start the Bee pollen is very smal amounts a small grain or a quater of one tablet if you have allergies hayfever etc then slowly increase over a few weeks

  14. I take a small amount sublingually and let them dissolve.

  15. I'm up to a tbsp, so I just eat it. I chew it up/let it dissolve and swallow it.

  16. The great thing is that I was able to purchase just a little bag of it for $1.50 at an organic market. For once I didn't have to invest in a month's supply to try a supplement.

  17. Rachel Lott did you start with a tiny amount? Are you going to keep increasing beyond a Tbsp? How will you know when to stop increasing your amount? Is there a generally recommended top dose?

  18. I'd been eating raw honey before, but I did start small. I sometimes take a little more than a tbsp (divided into 2 doses, 1 in morning, the other at lunch), but I'm feeling better than ever, like the energized bunny, so I'm pretty sure I've got a good thing going. I will say that I have histamine and glutamate issues, I couldn't tolerate the bee pollen until I started back on lithium orotate every day. I'm certain I have the methyl donor intolerant COMT ++ defect. So lithium and b12 are my best friends. I was having chronic fatigue and mood problems, but I'm good to go now that I've fine tuned my supps. It's amazing.

  19. Rachel that IS amazing. Happy for you! I suspect I have the COMT mutation too (and soon I'll know for sure), so I'm especially interested in your success on this. I made note of the lithium orotate. Can you share your brand and dosage? How long did you take it before retrying bee pollen? How soon after starting lithium did you notice positive effects? Sorry to bombard with questions, but this is very encouraging to me.

  20. Ask away! I've been excited to share my discovery, but I've been so busy. I take Advanced Research, and I do take quite a bit of it, but I started at 2/day. I take anywhere from 5-12 a day (each tablet has 4.6 mg of elemental lithium). I researched it heavily before hand. I did an experiment on my anniversary, I tried eating at a Mexican restaurant, and took my supps along with baking soda before and during the meal. This was about 5 days after starting the LO. I had NO reaction! I was down to 8 foods before this, and even some of my safe foods were becoming problematic. So I kept experimenting, and found the lithium orotate was what was helping the most. But I started getting depressed, which I couldn't understand, b/c LO is supposed to *help* depression, not cause it. So I added the bee pollen, b/c I knew I needed my B's. I meant to take liver pills, but kept forgetting. With no reaction to the pollen, I kept taking it, and my energy levels eventually plateuaed at a wonderful place. I've been busy catching up on all the stuff I couldn't get to before. It'll be a month tmw that I started back on LO. I'd taken it before, but I only took 1-2, and I obviously needed more. I'm beyond happy that I gave it another try and took the risk of taking therapeutic amounts. I can eat high histamine foods again!!! I still have a bucket, but it's huge, now, comparatively. 🙂

  21. The depression vanished with the addition of the pollen, in case that wasn't clear.

  22. Just get local honey if possible.it will also have all the goodies the local bees gather that would help if you have any allergies.in my opinion pollen us honey

  23. Barbara Myers, I'm glad you asked about B pollen. I've had in my fridge for 2 weeks after consult with Morley. Im having a bad flare up & afraid to add to it. I will go slow after reading these posts.

  24. Hi Mary, we are so synchronized 🙂 I had Bee pollen sitting around for several weeks too, then when I got up my nerve to try it I couldn't find it! The little store where I was able to buy a small amount is a couple towns away, so yesterday I had a chance to get some more. I posted my question and then gobbled up a few grains, come what may. I was a little woozy/slightly queasy for a while but no drastic reactions. I'll definitely go slower now, and I think Rachel's comments are important to consider. The iodine and lithium may be essential to make the process work best. I'm thinking iodine first, especially since that's part on my suggested list from my htma consult.

  25. Yes, unfortunately. Lithium orotate has enabled me to tolerate it, as well as other high histamine foods. It's worth a shot.

  26. I eat bee pollen with food, as it gave me heartburn the first time I took it (1tsp) on empty stomach. It's tasty, so I like it, but I know they say to avoid it on the GAPS diet so I wonder about it…

  27. And I do have histamine and very possibly salicylate intolerance too. Thanks for mentioning Arol Jarar. That's why I'm finding Rachel's input so compelling.

  28. I have raw honey with bee pollen in it. Is that ok?

  29. Rachel I'll send you a pm, but I'm wondering about the lithium dosage. Yasko likes low dose (you can tell I'm reading up a bit) around 2.5mg but I know you said you're taking 4.6mg five to twelve times per day. Yikes! I know you researched, so I'm sure there's a reason.

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