I’m trying to reduce calories but I’m so hungry!


I’m trying to reduce calories but I’m soooo hungry!! Im actually hyperthyroid so I get the extreme hunger but also hashi. And I am gaining. I am upping my veggie intake and reducing grains and sweets but i struggle a lot with feeling super super hungry all the time. Anyone have tips for dealing with the hunger pains while trying to cut calories. I find I end up eating tons in the evening after cutting calories all day. 🙁

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  1. Me too! I don't know what to do.

  2. Try the Keto diet. I started it in Jan and I rarely feel hungry. Plus it reduced inflammation a ton not to mention weight loss.

  3. I've had to go a few days with out eating when I was a single mom, so that my kids could have enough food. Drink tons of water and this probably won't work for you because Im Hashi and Hypo, but I drank alot of coffee and after 2 days it kinda eases up. Grapes and avocado are also good fillers.

  4. Rice cakes. Bananas. And protein shakes. Cut out most sweets and chips and am down 12 lbs in 3 months. No exercise

  5. I snack on raw sugar snap peas. They are super filling.

  6. Start with a protein breakfast to avoid daytime cravings.

  7. I'm doing AIP diet and have lost weight…sweets are all natural (dates, banana)…you could try adding a spoonful of coconut oil…the fat helps to satisfy you for longer

  8. Eat more protein

  9. Why reducing calories? What are you reducing then to? Having too few calories can be as bad as too many

  10. If your cutting calories the weight watchers list of free foods will help you a lot.. you can eat those foods as much as you need with no calories…

  11. You should see a dietician

  12. You poor thing, I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I remember the hunger pangs when i was hyper and the feeling of never being full. I wish i had great advice for you. All I can offer is a virtual hug and an ear to listen if you need to vent. x3C3

  13. Im opposite, im hypo with hashis and constantly eat like a pig always hungry but very slim! x

  14. Yes I can do well during the day but evenings I can eat till I feel sick!!

  15. I used to be stick thin. I am going to try Nutri thyroid and thenT3 to see if I can feel any better then the last 4 years!

  16. Increase water intake. Jog in place for five minutes. There really isn't a trick other than tricking your brain to be full.

  17. Drink more water too. It will help.

  18. Try water when you are hungry. Wait about 15 minutes and if you are still hungry eat a snack! I know the struggle!

  19. I eat 6 or more smaller meals throughout the day. Mainly to keep blood sugar levels more level but found this kept my weight stable. I have trouble gaining weight but choosing healthier items in smaller amounts throughout the day may help???

  20. The Ketogenic diet has been very helpful for me. I have been doing it for 8 weeks and have lost 25lbs, no aches/pains in my joints/body, feel full from the healthy fats. Best choice I've made for myself.

  21. Thanks everyone. I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

  22. Protein and fiber make you feel full. If you eat carbs make sure you eat whole grain carbs. Lots of water and eating small meals more often are also great tips. Good luck!

  23. I can relate. I get insatiably hungry in the evening. The only thing that works for me is eating a ton of veggies (cauliflower is especially filling) in the evening. Or even bone broth but I had to watch my salt intake.

  24. Eat slowly if you can, it really works you eat less than as usual

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