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Do any of you own/use an infrared sauna to add to your health? I don’t want to ask my husband to drop 3,000 plus dollars on one (cause I am pretty sure I know how that conversation would end, lol) but I see on Amazon you can buy these infrared sauna bags for around 200 dollars. Do any of you have one of these? Id love to hear what kind of results people get from these!!!

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  1. What are the health benefits? I have seen people on the thyroid group talking about this too

  2. I bought a Biomat mini yesterday…hope it gets here soon.

  3. For those of you interested in detoxing with a sauna you will want to see this 3 minute video that tells you the two things that you need to add to a sauna for a much better detox.

  4. I have one , works great

  5. I have a portable one I want to sell as no time to use it with toddler and baby due but was under £200 new (I'm in the UK)

  6. It is not relevant to this topic, but is good information.

  7. I made a homemade near infrared sauna for $110. in materials. Plans and pix here:

  8. Just got a near infrared one yesterday from Very low EMF and very pure materials used.

  9. Is the near infared the affordable one and the far infared the not affordable one?

  10. We have one. Two seater. Its great but expensive. You only do fifteen minutes at most more for an adult. It is a form of detox. You need to shower post to prevent reabsorption.

  11. Did I just read that they melt fat up to 3inches O_o ?

  12. just found SaunaFix and am very interested as it looks affordable and they take payments and you don't have to have a dedicated space

  13. This is the lowest emf one I can find and one EMF mitigation expert, Dave Stetzer, said it was lowest he tested. With that purity the infrared becomes a light therapy that makes this one so relaxign and energizing. Only 1095 and portable. I like the sit-up version.

  14. This is a great! I'm enjoying reading all that y'all have to say. My husband and I were JUST talking about wanting one of these a few days ago.

  15. We got a dry sauna from Costco for $1000. It works fine.

    And my daughter and I have MCS and nothing bothers us, so it isn't offgassing anything silly

  16. When I get one I will get it from Patrick Tempone on It is around $1000.00 and I trust him. I have been very happy with the products he recommends. Check it out.

  17. You need to deal with the EMF issue. The Relax Sauna for only 1095 addresses that the best, so there is no comparison. See my explanation and link above.

  18. EMF is not an issue if you go with near infrared. See Dr. Wilson's discussion in my post.

  19. I go roughly once a fortnight. Mine is super cheap

  20. ThermoTex on Amazon makes Far Infrared Heating pads.. I use the Platinum versions in my office chair. Helps limber up and speeds healing of joints.. This version has 3 bars in it so you can wrap it around a joint.

  21. Very good for you and they have a lot of different ones, don't just buy the cheapest. I like the one that looks like an igloo,, you lie on the floor and pull it up toward your face. Not the one you sit in a chair like you are in a tent.

  22. I didn't know EMF was an issue with FIR? Jason Derkevics.

  23. I have a portable I paid $1000 very happy low emf.

  24. Love mine but I did show very high emfs. When tested and I was Useing it every 3 days and nothing else changed only started Useing that. But will continue to use just less.

  25. What are all the health benefits of a sauna? Sounds so nice and warm.

  26. Detoxing. I want to do a sauna and red led unit combined. ( each having a different switch ) detoxing and anti aging!

  27. I have used an infra-red sauna a few times and really like it- hope to do it more. Feel relaxed afterwards and I know it detoxes you.

  28. I also read that it has similar effects on your body as exercise.

  29. I have the Relax Sauna and put my head under as long as i am comfortable.

  30. a friend gave me a small "bio mat " don't know how much it cost but it seems to work for me i use it in a recliner might be able to find t on the net

  31. Costco online had good prices.

  32. So is anyone going to pull the trigger and order a sauna? 🙂

  33. Nope. I have another surgery from flipping my car 8 times. Priorities, its the little things in life. ;))) lol

  34. I'm saving for a sun lighten one. They have one that is both near and far infrared. Expensive. But eventually I will get it. For now I do a monthly membership at a local Salon. It's only a far infrared though. Helps a lot. I've been doing it a few times a week for over a year.

  35. Last year Costco has the 1-2 person sauna for the price if the 1 person sauna. That was in May. So keep an eye on their site. They may repeat the sale same time this year.

  36. I built one with three heat lamp bulbs, some wood, a switch and a cord. The parts were not even $100 (2004). Turned my half bath room into a sauna. Hung it on the wall. Removed the toilet. Worked, but at the time I did not tolerate it well.

  37. The environmental medicine doctor we go to recommends the SaunaRay medical grade sauna:

  38. Infared are different than standard Dry heat saunas, like at Inshape gym? Thanks.

  39. Why not get a biomat…has negative ions and settings from gentle warmth to sauna strength and it has EMF Interceptor. I should be selling these but I'm not…but I know a reputable distributor. This is a simple

  40. solution. it is far infrared.

  41. And I might is an FDA medical device so maybe insurance will pay with doc rx.

  42. And if not if you have documentation from a doc or Chiro, it's tax deductible.

  43. Mine only cost 650 for mini which is plenty big for little me.

  44. I had bought a beautiful far infrared sauna a number of years before that I was very proud of, but apparently it was not safe enough and the doc recommended that we modify it with elements from SaunaRay.

  45. I want to get infrared skin tightening. Is this the same. I am afraid of causing harm to myself. But so desperate to look better. It is really affecting my self-esteem and my daily life

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